High tech bed heaven

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary, a place to relax and chill and perchance to sleep. With the ever rising adoption of laptops they have also become just another extension of our workspace and entertainment center albeit with a lot more comfort.

Yoo-Pod Ltd wants to take that idea and expand on it just a little bit with their Somnus-Neu project. A project that is bound to make every geek out there drool just a little bit. The project aims to bring us all the bed of the future, which with the high tech features they have included in this creation it is easy to see why. Combining a really cool design and some pretty nice technology the Somnus-Neu bed is intended to let you relax and connect from one place or at least that's what their promo blurb says – I'll leave it to you to decide.

The list of goodies that comes with the bed goes something like this

  • An internet connection, either through wifi or ethernet

  • An entire audio-visual system with an HD video projector and 5-point audio system that includes drivers mounted beneath the mattress—hook up an iPod, watch cable TV or DVDs or stream media online.
  • Mechanized curtains and a drop-down screen that can be used to completely enclose the mattress.
  • LED lighting under, above and around the bed

hat tip to Freshome.com