Wray Colorado Tornado: Prom Couple Captures Massive Funnel In Background

In Wray, Colorado, a series of massive tornadoes ripped through the area. While taking pre-prom photos, one couple captured a tornado in their background.

In Yuma County, Colorado, one of several tornadoes caused havoc in the city of Wray. Encountering minor injuries to few of its residents and various destroyed structures, the city of Wray, Colorado, is in recovery. However, it didn't stop the city's events, for the most part.

One couple was getting ready for prom and taking photos. After evaluating the situation and distance of the tornado, according to KTNV-13 News, Ali Marintzer and Charlie Bator captured the natural phenomenon as their photo background. As the source mentions, the Wray High School couple turned the tornado into an "epic memory."

Marintzer mentioned that they didn't take the photo when the tornado was massive. The photo they captured was after it began dissipating. When the Wray couple spotted the tornado, it was just a funnel. However, Marintzer noted that it quickly developed into something much larger.

Wray, Colorado Tornado

According to the source, the tornado was approximately 2.5 to three miles away from the Wray High School student's home. It also mentions that they only took the photo because they realized the tornado was no significant threat to them at the aforementioned distance. However, that's just common sense, right?

While the Wray couple was actually in the photo, the photographer was Marintzer's mother, Heidi. The source notes that Heidi captured the tornado moment with her phone.

All in all, the tornado and its devastation didn't prevent the prom from happening. The source notes that the Wray High School prom was only delayed for approximately 45 minutes, just to ensure everyone was safe and in good health.

[Update, May 9 - 1:32 a.m.]

According to CBS News, NWS Science and Operations officer Jeremy Martin stated that the Wray tornado left five people with minor injuries. Likewise, the source mentions that, in Morgan County, a tornado also damaged nearly a dozen mobile homes — including other minor injuries from residents. However, from the other tornadoes, there weren't any confirmed injuries or damages.

NWCN reports that Wray's residents are cleaning up the rubble left behind in the aftermath of Saturday's tornadoes. According to resident Mary Stevens, she noted as follows.

"I said I wanted the building moved, and it's kind of where I wanted it but not near sitting where I wanted it. It got close enough and I said it's going to hit us so we ran the other direction in the house. Everything is still OK. All the important things are still here. This is the first [tornado] I've been in. Chances are there won't be another one but then if there is hopefully I'll still be here to talk about it."
The source also cites that, at the time of the tornado, Wray's population was 2,800 residents. No reported deaths occurred.

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