May 8, 2016
Laurel Lance Will Not Be Resurrected On 'Arrow,' According To Stephen Amell

On the hit show Arrow, many characters have died but they almost always come back somehow, which is why although many fans were sad to see Laurel (Katie Cassidy) killed they were also skeptical that she was really dead. Unfortunately for fans, Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on the show, recently sat down for an interview with Larry King where King straight out asked Amell if Laurel would come back from the dead.

"No," Amell said. "Simply no."

Stephen Amell's straight forward answer has left fans reeling. Some believe the show shouldn't go on without Laurel.

And many believe Laurel deserved better than the ending she got. Fans began the hashtag #NoLaurelNoArrow to demonstrate their frustration with her being killed off.
Additionally, the latest episode of Arrow, the first that didn't include Laurel Lance, had the series' lowest ratings thus far and many fans believe it's because Laurel is no longer on the show.
Whether or not Arrow's drop in ratings is in fact correlated to Cassidy leaving the show, Amell seems pretty sure about the fact that she's not coming back. Still, even with Amell's claims, it's hard to believe that it's true. Laurel is a key character, especially for those that have read the comic books, and it seems a little odd that she would be killed off. Moreover, the fact that there's something Laurel whispered to Oliver before she died that viewers couldn't hear, also seems suspicious.

Larry King asked Stephen Amell if he knew what Laurel said to Oliver, but Amell played coy.

"I do know what they were but it is going to remain a secret because much like Greg [Berlanti] said, we like to surprise the viewers," Amell said.

If Laurel isn't coming back to life somehow it seems strange that her last words would be kept a secret. Moreover, Amell stating how the show likes to surprise its viewers seems to be a hint that there will be a surprise with Laurel later on, which could very well be her resurrection. Or, if she's not resurrected, it's quite possible they somehow go back in time so Laurel isn't killed in the first place. Time travel is one of Barry Allen/The Flash's skills now.

Plus, as fans have learned with the whole Jon Snow/Kit Harington debacle on Game of Thrones, actors aren't going to confirm something as surprising as a character coming back to life. Even though fans want to know what would happen they also don't want to be spoiled, so actors and writers will lie and deny any show surprises to make sure no spoilers get out. Therefore, although Amell seemed pretty clear about Laurel not coming back, Arrow fans should remain skeptical. You never know.

[Photo by CW]