May 8, 2016
Kansas Man Allegedly Tortured Baby To Death

A Kansas man has been arrested on murder-related charges after the tragic death of a young infant. The Salina Post reports that 25-year-old Andrew Lynn Gibson was arrested just after 7:00, p.m., Saturday night. There are very few details in this developing case, but from what authorities have revealed through media reports, the death of the unnamed baby was a violently brutal one.

The reported incident took place a few days prior to the arrest of the 25-year-old Kansas man on Thursday. Just after 9:00, p.m., authorities in Riley County responded to a Manhattan, Kansas, home with emergency workers. They had been called on a report that an infant at the residence was not breathing. When they responded to the residence, the baby was unable to be resuscitated. The unnamed infant was pronounced dead shortly after at a nearby hospital.

Police reports don't reveal much about the incident, but the charges that the Kansas man has been slapped with indicate that the child was violently beaten. The baby was reportedly tortured and "cruelly beaten." The identity of the alleged victim has not been revealed through media reports -- nor has the infant's gender or age. Another detail not being shared is whether or not the baby was of any relation to the Kansas man. It's not known at this time if he was the child's father or someone else caring for the baby at the time.

Sadly, this is far from the only recent report of a baby being violently killed. Earlier this year, a Staten Island babysitter was accused of beating and sodomizing a 16-month-old baby boy. The horrifying abuse this child suffered, which led to his death, was caught on camera during some of the incidents. The female babysitter was reportedly seen smoking a cigarette with one hand while slamming his motionless body to the ground. The 31-year-old woman also sodomized the boy with a crayon, broke his collarbone, and inflicted a variety of other injuries. The babysitter was a neighbor of the family who trusted her to care for the lad for a short time. To their horror, she could not be trusted, according to authorities in New York.

Earlier this year, a Florida man was arrested on allegations that he beat his 4-month-old daughter to death. ABC 10 News reports that Juan Antonio Gonzalez was charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse. The 24-year-old dad gave a detailed confession at the time of his arrest, in which he admitted to intentionally beating his daughter to death because she was "being fussy."

Among the injuries that led to her death, baby Harlow suffered from various fractures in her body and skull, along with "severe brain injuries." The 4-month-old infant also had fractured ribs, a dislocated elbow, and broken arms and legs. Unfortunately, 4-month-old Harlow's life was troubled from the start. She was born premature due to her mother's reported drug and alcohol addictions. The infant's father also reportedly has a history of mental illness and drug use. He is also allegedly known to be violent, with more than one incident involving the slain infant's mother.

In this latest case out of Kansas, the 25-year-old suspect in the child's death has been charged with first degree murder and abuse of a child. He is currently being confined at the Riley County Jail on bond in the amount of $500k.

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