May 8, 2016
Donald Trump's Big Week Ends With A Huge Endorsement

Donald Trump is enjoying a week of triumph and it is all coming at a perfect time for the presidential candidate. Now there is news that his great week just became better with the announcement of a key supporter.

First, Donald Trump officially wrapped up the Republican nomination, as reported by of Al Jazeera, on Wednesday.

Trump became the presumptuous nominee when the final Republican candidate in the race, Ohio governor John Kasich, suspended his campaign.

Just a day prior to John Kasich dropping out, Texas senator Ted Cruz announced the end of his run, courtesy of Politico, for presidency. Both Kasich and Cruz dropped out of the race president after Donald Trump defeated them in a landslide victory at the Indiana primary this past Tuesday.

All paths are now clear for Donald Trump to represent the Republican Party as their nominee. Trump, a businessman by trade, has the daunting task of convincing the bigwigs of the party that he is deserving of their support. Donald Trump is attempting to unify the Republicans and reverse the course as a divided political party.

John McCain
John McCaisue has declared his support for Donald Trump. [Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images]One Republican of significance has decided to take Donald Trump's request to unite. According to the Wall Street Journal, Arizona senator John McCain has decided to back Donald Trump.
That is huge, albeit stunning news for the Donald Trump campaign.

John McCain offered an explanation for why he is supporting the Republican nominee on CNN's State of the Union this Sunday.

"You have to draw the conclusion that there is some distance if not a disconnect between party leadership and members of Congress and many of the voters who have selected Donald Trump to be the nominee of the party."
John McCain's support of Donald Trump comes in spite the criticism Trump heaped in his direction which came some time ago. Trump said in an interview, "he's a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured."

Those words created a stir at the time, but Sen. McCain decided that bygones should be bygones as far as he is concerned. The rest of the the war heroes who lost their lives in war, were captured or fought, John McCain deemed were deserving of an apology.

"What he said about me, John McCain, that's fine. I don't require any repair of that. But when he said I don't like people who were captured, then there's a great body of American heroes that I'd like to see him retract that statement."
Donald Trump must make peace with the fellow Republican Party leaders he has offended. Those leaders, much like Sen. McCain, have tried to embrace him, or be receptive to his calls for party unification. Losing their place in the country is at stake with the general election now less than six months away.

Donald Trump needs the Paul Ryan's and John Kasich's of the country to rally around him, or face total upheaval in the Republican Party. It is their job to support whoever the nomination goes to in an effort to get them elected. The constant in-fighting has damaged the party, nearly beyond repair. Much of that is due to the political strategies which Donald Trump has employed during his campaign. That must change as well, but the Republican Party must embrace one of their own.

Donald Trump represents a large number of disenfranchised voters from both sides, Democratic and Republican. Failing to support him would ruin any chances of attracting a fresh, new base. The Republican Party is desperate need for a shot in the arm and some rebranding. That is not to suggest that Donald Trump is the answer, he is the nominee that the voters wanted to represent the ticket. Now the party leaders must come to terms that politicians are supposed to pander to their constituency. Their constituents wanted Donald Trump.

The good news for Donald Trump is that one of the Republican Party leaders have agreed to back him. The others must follow or risk losing more than just the general election.

[Photo by Matt Mills McKnight/Getty Images]