May 8, 2016
Cara Delevingne Is Crazy And Wise, Says Mother, Pandora Delevingne

While most of us are honoring our moms on Mother's Day, it seems to be the other way around for the Delevingne family with mother Pandora offering insight into Cara Delevingne's personality. Speaking of her daughter, who is already a success as both a model and an actress, the elder Delevingne offers her thoughts on Cara's behavior, career, and love life as only a mother can.

Pandora Delevingne Sees A Bit Of Herself In Cara

Admittedly, Cara marches to the beat of a different drum and that's okay, says her mother. Pandora says it's easy to see where Cara gets some of her attitudes toward society and it seems the elder Delevingne respects her daughter's choices, even if she doesn't always agree with them. Cara, who has been in a relationship with St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, for much of this year, is different even from her own sisters, but Pandora says her more famous daughter has the wisdom to keep herself from failing too badly, no matter what choices she makes.

"Cara is crazy like me, but she also makes very wise decisions," says Ms. Delevingne. "She is actually very sensible but she was always different. She only ever wanted to wear football strips and camouflage trousers when she was growing up."

Pandora, who works as a personal shopper and is a struggling heroine addict, says each of her three daughters are unique. She points to Poppy Delevingne as being the most beautiful of the three, commenting that all heads turn in her direction, when she enters the room. Chloe is the nurturer of the family and Pandora seems genuinely envious in the way that Chloe relates to her own children. While each of her daughters have grown into their own individual personalities and seem to be embracing their adult lives with confidence and passion, Ms. Delevingne says she still worries about each of them.

"I worry about them all the time. The lives they lead are so frenetic and stressful. They're always flying around the world and call from Los Angeles and Brazil and Japan," says Ms. Delevingne. "I worry if they're safe and being looked after, if they're being treated well, if directors are being decent, if they're having enough time off. You worry about burnout."

Cara Delevigne Joins Bestie Kate Moss In Modeling For Rimmel

Proving that her heart is still in modeling, when her acting duties permit it, Cara Delevingne has joined her best friend, Kate Moss, in modeling for Rimmel. In fact, it's been revealed that Cara has signed a significant contract to model for Rimmel, which will add her face to the cast of models which includes Moss and Georgia May Jagger.

Rimmel has stated that Cara will be used in a wide-ranging ad campaign that will showcase her personality as well as her natural beauty. In return, Delevingne has said that she feels honored to be working with the brand. Previously, Cara Delevingne had worked with Yves Saint Laurent in their recent ad campaign.

"It's the first make-up brand I was introduced to as a teenager. I'm a London girl through and through and Rimmel truly captures and represents the city's edgy, cosmopolitan beauty styles," said Ms. Delevingne.

Rimmel will play host to a unique opportunity for Cara's fans, when it offers their first global Snapchat press conference on April 15. The conference will allow the public to speak directly with Delevingne and ask questions of the Suicide Squad star. It will be interesting to see how this press conference is moderated, considering the sheer number of fans Cara Delevingne has already garnered through her modeling and acting careers.

[Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV]