Bikini Bandit Morgan Haley charged in Mississippi carjacking

Morgan Haley, better known as the “Bikini Bandit,” has been charged in the carjacking and subsequent attempted robbery of a business Thursday in Mississippi.

On Thursday, Morgan Haley, wearing nothing but a bikini swimsuit, forced another woman to give up her car at a gas station in Mississippi. The woman gave up her car after taking out her young children who were inside the vehicle. Haley took the woman’s car and proceded to drive to a nearby business where she claimed to have a gun and demanded money.

The employees didn’t believe Haley had a gun because she didn’t have anywhere to hide it, since she was only wearing a bikini, so they overpowered her and held her there until police arrived. When police questioned her, she appeared to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

24 year old Morgan Haley, the Bikini Bandit, has been charged with carjacking and assault.