May 8, 2016
Perrie Edwards Does A Cover At The ‘Golden Buzzer’ Level As Asia Leg Of Get Weird Tour Starts

Perrie Edwards and Little Mix have been taking a break before they get ready to go on tour again, and Perrie has been using her time wisely. There are even rumors that Perrie Edwards could already be in Australia because the Mix Men backup dancers tweeted about their departure on May 8.

However, it may be a good thing that Perrie Edwards is leaving England because she might have gone over to Simon Cowell's mansion to quiz him about his standards for awarding the "golden buzzer."

As it turns out, just as Perrie Edwards did a random recording of her singing Beyoncé, the man that made her famous gives someone the "golden buzzer" that some fans feel is not the same caliber as the stars he had selected in the past... such as Perrie Edwards.

Little Mix are likely in Australia for the start of their tour
The Mix Men are already in Australia, and it is likely that Little Mix is also there days before the Get Weird Asia Tour begins. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The golden buzzer is Simon Cowell's ultimate seal of approval on his show Britain's Got Talent. Naturally, Perrie Edwards fans know that she was discovered on the show, and that was how Little Mix was created.

While Simon Cowell is known for having authority on performance talent, he shocked fans on May 7 when he gave the golden buzzer to a group of storm trooper dancers based on the movie Star Wars, according to Mirror.

As it appears, Simon Cowell considered the storm trooper dance to be a "dream come true" because he had stated in the past that he wished they could find storm troopers that could dance.

Alternatively, it was a clip of Perrie Edwards covering Beyoncé's song called "Listen" that got fans' golden buzzers ringing.

About the cover Perrie Edwards did, MTV writes on May 6 that it is their expert opinion that Beyoncé's 2007 song is "a big song, and not everyone can tackle it with the same fervor that Beyoncé can." Nevertheless, they note that "Perrie Edwards gave it a shot, and rest assured, she crushed it."

While Perrie Edwards is likely to give more golden buzzer performances like her Beyoncé cover while she is on tour with Little Mix, she has been enjoying a break, according to her Instagram. For example, Perrie Edwards posted about befriending a duck at a boatyard and finding some new decorations for her home.

Naturally, Perrie Edwards will need to rest up before the Asia leg of the Get Weird Tour resumes on May 12 in Brisbane, Australia. After all, Little Mix will be touring until the end of August with 25 performance dates.

Little Mix is always being reported as hanging out with family
Perrie Edwards and the rest of Little Mix are often reported as spending time with family when they are not working. (Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

Besides hanging out with ducks and boats on her tour break, the only news has been that Perrie Edwards is potentially visiting kin in Weymouth, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Since Little Mix and Perrie Edwards are not dominating headlines while they are on vacation, what keeps popping up in the press is the fact that Perrie and Zayn Malik will be "reuniting."

In fact, Perrie Edwards is not getting back into a relationship with Zayn Malik, but he will be performing at the same Capital FM Summertime Ball festival as Little Mix on June 11, according to Hollywood Life.

Besides vacationing, it also appears that Perrie Edwards is using some of her heartaches with Zayn Malik to help another friend heal. Unfortunately, Perrie Edwards' close friend Chloe Lewis recently ended an eight-year relationship with Jake Hall, and the Mirror says that Perrie has been her shoulder to cry on.

In both Perrie Edwards and Chloe Lewis' situations, the breakup heartache centered around allegations of cheating. Perrie Edwards may have also felt slighted after interviews where Zayn Malik said he was interested in a more "intellectual" woman that was not zeroing in hair and makeup trends as a focus, according to Daily Mail.

Of course, as more about Perrie Edwards is revealed and people learn that she is brains, beauty, and talent, more imitators pop up. For example, Mirror points out on May 6 that Perrie Edwards now has a look-alike named Ashley James.

Interestingly, some Perrie Edwards imitators probably make her laugh. For instance, there is a boy band called Boycode that hope they are the next Little Mix. The Belgian Boycode band also wants to do a "four-on-four" date with all of the members of Little Mix, according to Metro.

[Picture by Jordan Mansfield/Stringer/Getty Images]