May 8, 2016
Mariah Carey Joins Madonna In The Outfit Hall Of No-Shame

Mariah Carey may be approaching 50, but she's not allowing anybody to tell her to "put it away." Yahoo TV has the news.

"Mariah Carey made for one very sexy Bat Mitzvah guest! The 46-year-old pop diva turned up to the massive, luxurious coming-of-age affair for her manager's daughter wearing a long-sleeved black mesh dress that left almost nothing to the imagination."
The article adds that although there was a built-in bodysuit that covered her private areas, the pattern displayed her cleavage and stomach. As one could expect, a majority of the comments after the article are age-shaming the 46-year-old diva.

"Mariah is 46-years old. She is not 26 anymore and it's about time she start to act her age," claims Goddiva345.

"My mother is just one-year older than Mariah and if she wore that outfit, I would disown her," says Chocolatelovergirl.

Mariah Carey isn't the only pop star that has come under fire for her choice of outfit. On Monday, Madonna went to the Met Ball wearing an outfit that caused a huge uproar in the media and on Twitter. Some people, including fans, just didn't like the outfit. However, the majority of the criticism was aimed at Madonna's age, with people calling her "granny" and pretty much telling Madonna she's just too old to be wearing revealing cloths. Twitter was vicious towards the Queen of Pop.

However, the response wasn't 100 percent negative. Sites such as the Daily Beast gave Madonna's outfit a thumbs-up. Many even commented that even though Madonna "lost" (was considered the worst dressed), she also "won" (she was the most talked about). Still, Madonna struck back in a way only Madonna can.Madonna's response earned her a lot of praise from the media. The Huffington Post described Madonna's response as "epic."

"In an Instagram posted Wednesday, the 57-year-old epically shut down critics of her look, citing ageism and sexism as the cause of the negative attention it received...It's a lot to take in, but the message is clear: If you have a problem with the way a woman dresses, regardless of her age, that's on you, haters. We can't help but wonder if the comments would be the same if, say, Rihanna showed up to the gala wearing that same outfit."

However, some Huffington Post commenters after the article didn't agree.

"This is a fashion-centric event for high-octane celebrities. Her performance was a flop," says Vic Stevins-Owens.

"You would think that as a woman matures, she would develop a sense of what is sophistocated and what is not. That outfit was all about 'in your face' - sort of like the 'bottle-cap' dress worn by the socialite whose name I don't recall," claims Suzanne Lurie.

Stars such as Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Susan Sarandon have brought the issue of "ageing gracefully" into the mainstream, causing many people to question if the concept is not only outdated but sexist. You can bet that we will see Madonna and Mariah Carey in more revealing outfits that aren't "age-appropriate" very soon.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]