May 8, 2016
‘The Originals’ Star Danielle Campbell Talks About Davina’s Death And Possible Reunion With Kol

The Originals previously bid farewell to Cami, and as if such a scene wasn't enough to sadden fans, the episode also ended with Davina's death after Kol bit her. While fans are apparently devastated to see her death, Originals star Danielle Campbell gave a hint to the Entertainment Weekly that her character's story is not officially over.

"Davina has won the hearts of quite a few of the characters, so they're going to do their best to bring her back. But nothing on this show's easy so I'm guessing there's going to be some setbacks along the way."

In last week's episode of The Originals, Davina staked Kol in an attempt to prevent him from doing what her ancestors wanted. She was unsuccessful, as her ancestors removed the stake, which allowed Kol to ultimately kill her.

As a powerful witch, many are hoping that she could be resurrected. In another interview, the 21-year-old actress admitted that while her character's return is "up in the air," things will still depend on the CW show's creative team.

"It's hard to say for sure. A lot of it depends on story arcs and availability down the line, but I think it's going to be up in the air. [The producers and writers are] still going to be figuring out the next storylines once they return for the next season, so it hinges on what'll happen a few months from now. But never say never!"

Nonetheless, promo for The Originals has teased that Marcel's on a mission to bring her back. This, however, does not spare Davina from facing her enraged ancestors after she objected to them. For her ancestors, her actions are unbecoming of a witch whose priority must be protecting her own.

danielle campbell davina
[Image via Bob Mahoney of The CW]

They believe she's a threat not only for befriending vampires but also because she's a more powerful witch who thinks on her own. Danielle lauds Davina's strong attitude because, despite the uncertainty, she still chooses to face her ancestors "head-on." For the actress, this makes the upcoming episode exciting.

Those who are yearning for more Marcel and Davina scenes will also have their wish granted.

"You're going to get your Marcel-Davina fix because he's her family. He's been the one who's protected her since the first episode," Danielle told EW.

As for Kol, Davina won't hate him for accidentally killing her. According to Danielle, Davina knows the whole time that Kol's not himself. She forgives him because his act was the doing of her ancestors. Danielle adds that Davina wouldn't go through so much trouble if she never wanted to save Kol.

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[Image via Bob Mahoney of The CW]

The former Disney actress found it hard to watch the episode's final scene. For her, it was heartbreaking because viewers are only starting to have a glimpse of "Kolvina" finally being allowed to love each other.

Charles Michael-Davis, who plays Marcel, told Access Hollywood that someone should urge Kol to chain himself up before it's too late.

"Then, just wait 'til everything blew over and give him a tent and give him some food and stuff, you know, just put him to side. That was my thought. Or [Marcel] could have buried him or daggered him, but yeah, I think no one knew if [Kol was] trying to leave town he'd be brought back. Hindsight's 20/20. Oops."

The Originals airs every Friday on The CW.

[Image via Bob Mahoney/The CW]