May 8, 2016
NASA Apollo 8 Image Shows Massive Triangle UFO Parked On The Lunar Surface: Proof Aliens Beat NASA To The Moon, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have stumbled upon indisputable evidence that technologically advanced space-faring aliens beat NASA to the Moon. According to UFO conspiracy theorists, although evidence from a newly unearthed Apollo 8 image shows a massive alien UFO spacecraft parked on the lunar surface, the authorities have remained silent about the evidence that our universe is teeming with extraterrestrial races and civilizations with scientific technology far more advanced than ours.

The Apollo 8 mission, launched on December 21, 1968, was the second manned mission of the Apollo space program. The Apollo 8 mission crew -- Commander Frank Borman, Command Module Pilot James Lovell, and Lunar Module Pilot William Anders -- became the first astronauts to travel outside low Earth orbit and reach lunar orbit after a three-day journey.

The crew returned to Earth safely on December 27, 1968.

They were also the first to witness Earthrise and see the far side of the Moon. While orbiting the Moon, the crew sent a Christmas Eve TV message -- a reading of the creation verses of the Book of Genesis.

The UFO hunter Secureteam10 uploaded to YouTube on May 8 an old NASA image from the 1968 Apollo 8 mission that purportedly shows a mysterious triangle UFO parked on the lunar surface. The still image was reportedly the last of a sequence of black and white images shot using a 70 mm camera during the December 1968 mission.

Secureteam10 claimed to have obtained the image from an unnamed source. However, the original unprocessed image may be viewed here on the website of the NASA-affiliated Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI).

The object appears to throw a shadow on the lunar surface, apparently confirming that it was a solid three-dimensional object.

The suggestion by UFO hunters that the image proves that members of the crew of Apollo 8 were not the first living beings to reach the Moon has sparked a lively discussion online.

"This is basically the last in this film magazine taken during the Apollo 8 moon mission," Glockner explained. "As you can see in the photo, there is something massive that appears either over or on the moon."

Glockner was able to confirm the authenticity of the image by searching through LPI's Apollo Image Atlas. The image was the last still image of a reel taken during the Apollo 8 mission.

"I went back to the Apollo Image Atlas and went through all of the previous frames before this and there was nothing out of the ordinary," the UFO hunter continues. "In frame 2908 all of a sudden we see this massive triangular-shaped object sitting atop the moon."

UFO parked on lunar surface
Apollo 8 photo shows massive Triangle UFO parked on the lunar surface, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via NASA/LPI]Enthusiasts debated the mystery of the alleged UFO's sudden and apparently brief appearance at the end of the sequence of images and agreed it suggests the mysterious object appeared briefly and then disappeared.

However, UFO hunters insisted that despite its apparent anomalous behavior, it was evidently a solid three-dimensional object that cast a shadow on the lunar surface.

"It definitely looks like a three-dimensional object, it has even got some shadowing to it," Glockner said. "That makes me think that there is a good possibility that something, albeit briefly, appeared on the moon."

Responding to skeptics who suggested the object might have been an image artifact or a glitch due to pixelation errors, the UFO hunter pointed out that pixelation issues appear only in digital images and not images taken with film.

"These are taken with film," he explained. "This is not some image artifact that you would get with digital images where you have glitches and all sorts of static and pixilation issues. You didn't really have all that with film."

"Short of developing it incorrectly or letting light hit the film during development you would not get anomalies like this," he added.

A skeptic insisted that the "object" could have been a speck on the lens or damage to the film frame.

"Camera film is typically 24 frames per second," the skeptic explained. "A single frame is 1/24th of a second. It is most likely either something on the lens or damage to the film frame itself. [It is] unlikely that an object that appears to be that big would appear for only 1/24th of a second."

But UFO hunters were nearly unanimous that it was an alien UFO spacecraft parked or hovering just above the lunar surface and that the Apollo 8 mission crew saw evidence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence on the Moon.

But NASA's alleged decades-long policy of covering up evidence of advanced alien life makes it impossible to admit the truth openly, alien and UFO conspiracy theorists claim.

[Image via Bill Anders/NASA/Wikimedia]