May 8, 2016
Corn Drill Challenge Goes Horribly Wrong For Chinese Woman - Teen Now Has A Bald Patch On Her Head [Video]

The "Corn Drill Challenge" recently had the Internet in a tizzy. However, woman in China is regretting the decision to partake in the activity. She now has bald spot on her head owing to the challenge.

A Chinese woman will spend the better part of her teenage years hiding a large bald spot very close to her forehead. The teenager attempted to partake in the latest Internet craze, dubbed the corn drill challenge, and failed spectacularly. The camera recorded the entire episode, and the video of the painful goof-up has now gone viral.

Corn drill challenge is one of the many, rather insane challenges that caught the attention of social media users. It involves trying to eat an entire corn on the cob. While it may seem simple, the twist is, the corn is attached to a drill machine, which rotates at a very high RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). People who wish to partake in the challenge must hold as much corn as possible in the mouth while it rotates on an industrial power drill. There have been many examples of people successfully or clumsily completing the challenge.

Interestingly, the corn drill challenge isn't new. The crazy feat was attempted by a few people way back in 2014. But, at the time, the challenge failed to garner any considerable traction and mellowed out. However, after a few social media users recently attempted to eat an entire corn while it was rotating on a power drill, the challenge took off and has gone viral. While many have completed the challenge and have dared others to do it, one Chinese woman, who has yet to be identified, wasn't so fortunate.

The shocking video shows the woman from China attempting the corn drill challenge and in a few moments it goes incredibly wrong, reports The Mirror. As the drill starts rotating, the woman nears the corn, but while she is trying to eat it, the rotating drill catches her hair. The video shows the exact excruciating moment a lock of her hair is caught in the power tool and ripped from her scalp, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman will undoubtedly regret ever having considered taking the challenge. After a few days of the painful and rather humiliating attempt at the corn drill challenge, photos of the woman surfaced showing her at a doctor, getting treatment for the large bald patch. Sources indicate the doctors have confirmed that her hair will grow back, but it will take more than a few months as hair doesn't grow overnight; it is a long and slow process.

The corn drill challenge appears to be the brainchild of massively popular Internet vlogger Eater Yang. His own successful attempt at completing corn drill challenge has been viewed more than few a million times. He completed the challenge in less than 10 seconds. Many others have been inspired to try to complete the challenge with hilarious results. A person even smeared ketchup on his corn which splattered on all over him as the drill started rotating. While no one except the poor Chinese woman has any tales of injury, the challenge has been criticized on social media. Many have called the challenge unsafe, citing safety concerns that are centered on the participants' teeth.

The last couple of years have seen some interesting viral challenges, like the ice-bucket challenge. While the Internet features many successful attempts of people deliberately getting drenched with ice cold water, there are many examples of the challenge going hilariously wrong. The Chinese woman's failed attempted at completing the corn drill challenge is clearly a part of the blooper reel.

[Photo by Yuliang11/Getty Images]