May 8, 2016
'Quantico' Spoilers: Alex Scrambles, Ryan Argues, And The Team Races To Stop The Bombing As New Twists And Turns Emerge

There is another big episode of Quantico on the way Sunday night as the Season 1 finale is now just a week away. Viewers finally saw a key reveal in learning that Drew is "The Voice," but it sounds as if there are plenty of twists and turns on the way yet. Alex is being used by the terrorist once again, and this time, she is driving Ryan's truck with a bomb in it. Where are things headed in Sunday's episode?

As Quantico spoilers from TV Guide detail, Alex will be scrambling as she discovers that one of her colleagues is not who he or she had seemed to be. This is a somewhat interesting tease considering where she was left during last Sunday's show.

Alex briefly suspected that Ryan could be the terrorist after Drew's misleading tease, but a phone call from Drew confirmed that he has been the voice behind her phone calls. Many viewers figure that there is more to this situation than Drew orchestrating all of this by himself, so fans will be curious to see if Alex learns more about an active colleague being involved as well.

ABC shares some additional Quantico spoilers. Alex will come to realize that someone from Quantico she has cared about isn't the person she thought he or she was. Obviously, this could be a reference to Drew, but the previews make it fairly clear that someone on the inside is very much involved in this plot. As Alex is being forced to drive the truck with the bomb into the heart of the city, everybody with the FBI is frantically scrambling.

Miranda will be in the difficult position of having Ryan taken to holding as he objects. He may be desperate to prove to her that he is not behind this new bomb, but as Quantico spoiler previews tease, Miranda points out that the bomb is in his truck and the schematics are on his computer. He will surely be beside himself to be pulled out of the action at this critical moment.

There will also be time back at Quantico during this episode. Spoilers indicate that the NATS are almost ready to graduate and they will be given new assignments that are designed to prepare them for the work they will be doing in their post-graduation positions.

Spoiler photos released by the network for this episode tease that both Claire and Clayton Haas will be in the mix during this one during the NAT segments. Many fans still believe that either Clayton or Claire may be more connected to the future happenings than has been revealed so far and answers one way or the other are coming soon.

The show may have finally revealed that Drew is indeed connected to the terrorist plot, but with Sunday's episode and the finale yet to play out, it seems clear that there are more twists and turns on the way. Many fans suspect that Brandon will somehow figure into all of this, and there are other characters who are suspected of being involved as well.

Executive Producer Joshua Safran teased Quantico spoilers via Entertainment Weekly that essentially confirm that there are others involved and that big reveals are coming during this next show. Safran says that Sunday's episode will take the NATs up to their graduation time and the finale will showcase their graduation. The future action will be a wild ride, and Safran promises that everything will be wrapped up before the finale ends.

Spoilers detail that someone new will be introduced at the very end of the finale who will be central in Season 2 when it begins next fall. While viewers will get the answers they have been seeking about the terrorist plot, there will be another crisis beginning that paves the way for where the show picks up again in the fall.

Who else do you think is involved in the terrorist plot, or do you think Drew acted alone? Who else will die as the action plays out during these last two episodes of the season? Stay tuned for additional Quantico spoilers as Alex and the others close in on the terrorist and try to save the city from a nuclear bomb.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]