May 8, 2016
WWE News: Rumor Killer On The Shield Reforming To Face Off With The Bullet Club Soon

Ever since The Shield faction ended, everyone seemed to want it back. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose were all useful as a team. The Shield will go down as one of the best teams in the history of WWE. Fans love the team, but all three men have done big things since the faction ended. Dean Ambrose has held the WWE Intercontinental Champion and has main evented off and on.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns has become a three time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, two time WrestleMania main eventer, and Royal Rumble winner. Seth Rollins has held the WWE United States Championship as well as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WWE felt that the team was fantastic, but they had three men who could be big stars on their own. This is why they were pushed apart to begin with. As you can see, the plan to push them in three different directions has worked out for the most part.

Rollins turned on his brothers and ended up as The Authority's Golden Boy. Meanwhile Reigns and Ambrose became Anti-Authority. While Ambrose and Reigns have stayed good friends on television since the end of The Shield, they have still done their own thing a lot. They may come together here and there, but it is usually only on rare occasions. Roman now uses his cousins far more often, The Usos. Yet, fans seem to want Reigns to pair back up with Rollins and Ambrose to bring back The Shield, even though storyline wise, this could be very difficult to do.

The Shield returns
[Image via WWE]There have been rumors of a possible Shield reunion, but not out of the WWE. Rumors have really stemmed from message boards or random fan websites. None of them give us a concrete clue that The Shield will pair up again with any source behind it. The rumor stated that we would see all three men come together and face off with The Bullet Club, who now go by simply "The Club" in WWE. It may be the best name they could go with due to the fact that NJPW owns the rights to The Bullet Club name.

Regardless, WWE has hinted that AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows could become a force in WWE. They could even include Finn Balor in all of this. Of course, if they become a force too strong to keep contained, someone has to put them down. However, this may not get as out of hand as people might think, at least as of now. Having Roman Reigns team back up with his friend Dean Ambrose as well as his enemy in Seth Rollins would be ideal if The Club became an issue.

There is also an issue when it comes to how WWE plans to use all three men, however. WWE plans to have The Club fight among themselves soon, as rumors of Finn Balor coming to the main roster to be with his friends means that someone has to go from the group. WWE has considered doing a four man Club, but due to the fact that it would have two leaders, it might not work as well as people might think. This means an AJ Styles vs Finn Balor rivalry very well could occur. There is money in the two rivaling each other, which could happen sooner than people think.

Rollins Ambrose
image via WWE

On top of this, Seth Rollins is set to come back from his injury soon. We could see him as soon as WWE Extreme Rules. However, most expect him to be with the WWE by the Money in the Bank PPV. The storyline for him coming back is having him go after the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, which is set to be Roman Reigns as of this writing. This means Rollins will be too focused on Reigns' title to ever want to team with him long-term.

According to Daily Wrestling News, the storyline being considered with Rollins is to have him come back with his own WWE World Title and claim that he never lost his title, and remain champion. This would then set up an Undisputed WWE World Championship match with both men, possibly for WWE Battleground. From there, other storylines would force them into other rivalries which still have nothing to do with pairing up. Then if WWE were to do a brand split, which is rumored for later this summer, a Shield reunion would be even harder as WWE would separate the three men between WWE RAW and SmackDown.

Therefore, due to storylines going different directions, The Shield cannot reform any time soon. Could it happen in the future? Of course it could. WWE would never avoid it from happening forever, mainly because there is money in the group still. With all three possibly becoming the top stars in the company by that time, it would be safe to say that reforming them would be a good idea. The problem as of now is the timing of it all. There is more money having them fight each other or having them work in two or three different programs, rather than just one.

[Image via WWE]