SUV Accelerator Allegedly Gets Stuck At 100 MPH Then Crashes Into Police Cruiser [Video]

Genesee, Co – The accelerator in a SUV driven by Greg Gill got stuck, causing the vehicle to surge to speeds of 100 mph. The late Saturday morning stuck SUV accelerator incident occurred over a 25-mile stretch on I-70, CBS Denver News reports. Gill called 911 for help, which prompted police officers to herd traffic away from the runaway SUV,The Blaze notes.

“I flew by vehicles and went into the right median and the left median and everything I could do to just get around people without causing any kind of accidents. Fortunately there were no accidents, no one was injured at all,” Greg Gill told CBS Denver News.

Gill first noticed something was wrong with his SUV while traveling east on Interstate 70 near the exit to Empire. Because of the stuck accelerator, the driver was allegedly forced to drive for approximately 25 miles as his speed increased up to 100 miles per hour. Gill’s SUV crashed just past the Colorado town of Genesee, both the driver and his dog walked away from the high-speed crash without injury.

The SUV accelerator allegedly got stuck in the pedal-to-the-metal position and would not return to an idle state even when Gill removed his foot, Torque News notes. Gill reportedly stomped on his breaks for an extended period of time without a reduction in speed occurring. It is not known at this time if Gill attempted to remove the key from the ignition or tried to shift into neutral while the SUV accelerator was stuck in a full-speed position.

Colorado law enforcement officers followed the SUV with the stuck accelerator along the highway until it reached a runaway tractor-trailer ramp. The ramp reportedly slowed down the speed of Greg Gill’s SUV, but the vehicle slid off the side and hit a police cruiser. The portion of I-70 where the accident occurred was closed for two hours after the SUV crashed.