May 8, 2016
Mercury Transit Linked To Biblical World Destruction Prophecy: Doomsday Prophecies Spark End Of The World Fears [Video]

Wacky online doomsday prophets have been busy lately stirring the pot of doomsday hysteria with solemn-toned warnings of sulfur, fire, and brimstone divine wrath to accompany the transit of Mercury across the Sun on Monday, May 9, 2016. According to YouTube doomsday prophets, biblical prophecies show that the upcoming transit of planet Mercury signals the commencement of world destruction in fulfillment of centuries-old biblical apocalyptic prophecies.

Among several prophetic doomsday messages uploaded to YouTube linking the transit of Mercury with biblical destruction prophesies, a message uploaded online on May 1, 2016, by an online doomsday prophet who styles himself The Prophetico has gained considerable attention likely due to its detailed analysis of the alleged evidence that tomorrow is the end of the world.

Although, the transit of Mercury across the Sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs several times in a century, Monday's event, according to The Prophetico, promises to be unique in all history because it will be accompanied by a host of spooky astronomical alignments that portend gravely for unsuspecting sinful humanity.

"Put on sackcloth, my people, and roll in ashes; mourn with bitter wailing… for suddenly the destroyer will come upon us." Jeremiah 6: 26

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According to the doomsday prophet, a study of biblical eschatology and related numerology forces the conclusion that Monday's event is linked to Armageddon and world destruction. Although written centuries ago, the Bible, according to online doomsday prophets and conspiracy theorists, foretold that the world will end tomorrow as Mercury transits the Sun.

The Prophetico explains that the pattern of alignment of planets relative to distant star constellations as Mercury transits the Sun indicates unambiguously that Earth is going to get literally whacked tomorrow by a divine mace in the skies.

Spiritually-minded biblical eschatologists know that tomorrow's celestial event is special due to bits and pieces of evidence that pile up to an unavoidable conclusion, Prophetico insists.

The first piece of evidence that the end is nigh and that it might be too late for the world to repent of its evil ways is revealed in the mysterious manifestation of the number three in connection with the start of the new moon cycle on May 6 and the onset of the transit of Mercury on May 9.

The Prophetico reveals that in biblical numerology, the number three represents sexual sin.

The difference between the number nine in May 9 and the number six in May 6 is three. This couldn't be a coincidence, according to the prophet, especially at a time that the world is being corrupted increasingly by sexual sins.

If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for sex sins, he could do it again, biblical doomsday theorists argue.

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The fact that the full moon on May 6 was a supermoon gives additional evidence that the number three sign is significant, according to the YouTube prophet.

A supermoon is the full moon that occurs when the Earth's natural satellite makes closest approach along its elliptical orbital path.

The moon appears in the sky as a crescent on May 9, three days after the supermoon on May 6.

If you happen to be armed with a good telescope in Jerusalem, the Holy Land, on May 9, when the transit begins, search the skies and you will observe something astounding and mind-blowing: The crescent of the moon aligns with the Orion star constellation in a manner that turns Orion's Club into a spiked mace.

The appearance of a spiked mace in the sky is not a coincidence, the doomsday prophet assures. It is a sign of divine wrath and a signal of imminent worldwide destruction. It is a symbol of God wielding the rod of corrective judgment to smite the Earth and the people thereof in wrathful anger as punishment for an abundance of evil.

"The moon itself has been turned into a sickle, so literally turning Orion's club into a mace as he strikes the lion's whelp along the cheek, during the transit," the prophet explains.

The prophet then goes on to reveal a host of other astronomical alignments that prove the end of the world has come.

The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Saturn will also align in the skies to form a crescent. The only planet that will defy the pattern is the planet Jupiter.

But Jupiter's non-alignment is not the result of a divine oversight, the prophet assures. On the contrary, Jupiter's position in the skies is "extremely prophetic looking."

During the alignment of the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Saturn, Jupiter will be positioned in the constellation Leo, a star formation that represents the Lion of Judah in biblical astrology, according to the prophet.

In the New Testament, Jesus is the Lion of Judah. Jupiter's alignment with the Lion of Judah constellation points to the Second Coming of Jesus, the battle of Armageddon, and the destruction of the world.

"These conclusions force us to hypothesize about what this could mean to the observer," The Prophetico writes.

He then speculates about what could happen during the transit that leads to a catastrophic impact on Earth.

"Will Mercury transit the sun in the wrong position?" the prophet wonders. "Will its parallax be off causing it to appear too large or too small? If not could we witness a massive impact that knocks it out of orbit altogether? If not now will this happen whenever the 'end times' are upon us? These hypotheses surely demand further research and development."

The prophet ends his lengthy analysis with a reference to chapters three through five of the Old Testament Book of Micah, where God promises to send down destruction on world leaders who have corrupted Earth with lies and abominations.

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