May 8, 2016
Netflix on Mother's Day: The Best Content To Stream With Your Mom

Sunday is Mother's Day. And even if the day is supposed to be about the woman who gave birth to you, there's no reason you still can't get your Netflix fix. At the first lull in conversation, you can tell your sweet mom that you had something specific picked out for the whole family to watch together for Mother's Day, something from the Mother's Day Netflix selections below.

Whether your mom is a conservative church-goer, or she raised you on Beavis and Butthead, there will be something mom-centric in the following list of Netflix streaming options that you can watch with your mom on Mother's Day.

For the conservative mom

The scene below is one of the raciest scenes from the entire Everybody Loves Raymond series, and even then they won't utter the word "vagina." It's the kind of sitcom that your mom -- and even your mom's mom -- can watch with the whole family. Season 6, Episode 22 is titled "Mother's Day," and would be an especially good episode to watch if a mother-in-law or daughter-in-law is in the room.
If even Everybody Loves Raymond is too racy for your mom, A Mother's Love (starring Rolonda Watts and Vanessa Williams) is rated TV-G and Netflix describes the movie as "heartfelt, inspiring and feel-good."

For Serious Bingeing

And you thought your dad's stories were long! If your mom is in the mood to binge on Netflix, why not introduce her to How I Met Your Mother on Mother's Day? If your mom can make it through all nine seasons of HIMYM, will she join the many critics who didn't like the series finale?
If your mom has already seen HIMYM, why not binge on the Roseanne collection on Netflix? The primary focus of the show is how Roseanne balances being a wife and a full-time, blue collar worker with the demands of motherhood.

For Millennial Moms -- Or Moms of Millennials

Bob's Burgers works great if you're a Millennial and it's Mother's Day. If you're a Millennial with a little one, the humor is silly enough that your kids will enjoy it. If you're a Millenial hanging out out with your mom, Bob's Burgers is clean enough that your mother won't be offended. For May 8, try the episode titled "Mother Daughter Laser Razor" (Season 3, Episode 10).
Whether out of genuine fandom or supposed irony, almost every Millennial knows Friends very well. If "Ross and Rachel" is a pop-culture reference your mother doesn't understand, watch some of the Friends episodes that feature Rachel's mom (played by Marlo Thomas, someone your mom will know) including "The One with the Lesbian Wedding" (Season 2, Episode 11), "The One with the Two Parties" (Season 2, Episode 22), and "The One with the Baby Shower" (Season 8, Episode 20).


For the Mom Who Thinks Outside The Box

Maybe your mother is a little too sophisticated for Roseanne or Bob's Burgers. If your mom would rather talk about Cannes Film Festival than the Oscars, then something like Theresea is a Mother could be right up her alley. As it's described by Rotten Tomatoes, "Theresa needs a job, her parents need their space and a painful family history needs some closure." The comedy-drama tackles some rather non-funny family issues.
While not exactly an indie film, Mother's Boys is another film available on Netflix about a woman trying to learn to be a mother after years of un-mother-like choices. This psychological thriller stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Peter Gallagher and Joanne Whalley.

Get Controversial on Mother's Day

If yours is the type of family that likes to push the envelope and discuss controversial issues, then maybe Family Guy Season 8, Episode 18 -- "Quagmire's Dad" -- would spark some lively debate. Given the conversation the country is currently having about public restrooms and the rights of the transgender community, it's no surprise a show as crude as Family Guy sparked some legitimate controversy when Quagmire's dad let his son know about plans for a sexual reassignment surgery.
Need more controversy? Watch South Park, Season 13, Episode 4, titled "Eat, Pray, Queef." Per usual, South Park takes a serious social issue (double standards, sexism) and wraps them in a crude fart joke that might actually cause you to think.

New on Netflix: A New Mom

When Ali Wong recorded her live comedy special Baby Cobra, she was more than 7 months pregnant. The language she uses certainly is NSFW.
If stand-up comedy isn't really your mother's thing but she still wants something new to Netflix, A.C.O.D.(an acronym for "adult children of divorce") still shows up under "Recently Added" on Netflix. Another movie about a messed up family, this stars Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins and Catherine O'Hara, with appearances from Amy Poehler, Jessica Alba and Jane Lynch.

More May Releases

Mother's Day hits at just over a week into May, meaning there are still 22 days left for potential content to be added to Netflix.
While the majority of May's new content was released during the first day, Some Entertainment notes at least eight additions coming to Netflix in the next week, from May 9-15. Movies being added to Netflix this week include A Stand Up Guy, Eisenstein in Guanajuato, Goosebumps, They Look Like People, Bleeding Heart, We Are Still Here and Yo Soy la Salsa. Chelsea Handler's new talk-show, Chelsea, debuts on Netflix on May 11.

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