May 8, 2016
Police Say Woman Confessed to Trying to ‘Rip’ Off Her Boyfriend’s Testicles During Fight

On the night of May 5, 2016, a woman who entered into a fight with her boyfriend made a startling confession, according to police. A sheriff's report from Manatee County, Florida, indicates that the 28-year-old female told authorities as they spoke to her, "I tried to rip his b***s off," the Smoking Gun reports.

Rosaire Francois was apparently very angry with her live-in boyfriend and was involved in an alteration with him, which began in the car. According to TSG, the man told police the argument between him and Francois began while they drove to their Ellenton residence.

Rosaire Francois was arrested Thursday May 5, 2015 for attacking her boyfriend and allegedly trying to remove his testicles.
[Image via Manatee County Jail]

The man told police that by the time he and Francois arrived at their apartment, he was ready to take a shower and entered the bathroom to do so. This, according to the man, is when the altercation between the two went from verbal to physical, as he told law enforcement Francois kicked in the bathroom door to get to him.

TSG notes that according to the sheriff's report, "The altercation turned physical when the offender kicked in the bathroom door and grabbed the victim by his testicles. The altercation them moved to the kitchen where the offender grabbed the victim by the testicles and scratched the victim's face, just below the right eye and on the nose. While speaking to the offender she stated 'I tried to rip his b***s off.' The offender was placed under arrest and transported to the County Jail without incident."

TSG reports the report does not make mention of whether Francois' boyfriend actually sustained any sort of injury besides scratches during the testicle attack.

Although Francois' actions seem highly unusual and totally outrageous, there have actually been several other disturbing incidences of women engaging in these types of attacks, with some actually succeeding in their gruesome quest to do permanent damage.

In 2005, a British woman, Amanda Monti, 24, tore off the left testicle of her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Jones, 37, using only her hands, according to Outside the Beltway. She apparently put it in her mouth to hide it, however, the testicle was later found by a friend and given to Jones. Unfortunately, it was too late for physicians to successfully reattach it. The attack took place after Jones refused to have sex with Monti. She eventually pled guilty at trial and was given two and a half years behind bars for unlawfully wounding Jones.

In 2011, Maria Topp admitted biting her boyfriend's testicles during an alcohol-fueled altercation that left the man needing 19 stitches, according to the Huffington Post. The Newcastle, England, man, Martine Douglas, 45, called for help after the incident but was so "horrified" by what took place that "emergency service operators had difficulty understanding the situation," the Huffington Post notes.

Topp and Douglas had been in an on-again-off-again relationship for about five years and when the fight took place, and they had been drinking heavily. For the attack, Topp was sentenced to 12 months, which was suspended for 18 months, and was prohibited from contacting Douglas, according to the Huffington Post.

In 2012, the Huffington Post again reported on the matter, writing that Topp was in hot water a second time after she and Douglas rekindled their relationship. When their love affair failed again, it appears Douglas reported Topp to authorities for breaching the restraining order in place.

In 2012, an Indiana woman was sentenced to two years in prison for tearing "her ex-boyfriend's testicles to bits," according to Jezebel. Christina Lorena Reber attacked her former lover just days after the couple ended their relationship in an assault that was so violent, the man's scrotum was ripped from his body, which required extensive reconstructive surgery.
In 2016, yet another incident of testicular attack allegedly took place in Romania, where a woman is accused of trying to tear off her husband's testicles because he failed to give her flowers and then would not clean the house when she asked, according to Metro. Marinela Benea, 40, allegedly sent her spouse of 15 years, Ionel Popa, 39, to the emergency room following the severe damage to his scrotum.
According to Metro, Aurora Popa, a paramedic that treated the injured man, said, "The man had a severe open wound on his scrotum. He told us his wife had attacked him because he did not give her flowers for International Woman's Day."

Benea argued that she was tired of being ignored by her husband and claimed on the day before the incident, he had been given a bottle of wine as payment for work instead of money and that he showed up drunk upon arriving home, Metro writes.

Apparently, on the morning the alleged assault took place, Benea told her husband to do some work around the house or at least help her out, but his response was to say he would not take orders from her.

According to Metro, Benea responded with, "I told him he was not any kind of man."

She then grabbed his testicles and asserted, "It was not my fault that he pulled away, and that's when it happened. I thought maybe that some ice would solve the problem but he insisted on calling an ambulance. He was pretty annoyed."

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