High School Nude Photo Scandal: 50 Pictures Of Naked Female Students Found In Dropbox Account, Girls Listed By Name

The Duxbury High School in Boston, Massachusetts, is at the center of a nude photo scandal. A Dropbox account was discovered containing images of students from the high school in varying states of undress. The images were all placed in the Dropbox and labeled with the name of the girl in the photo. The Dropbox allegedly contained images of nearly 50 female Duxbury High School students.

CBS Boston reveals that nearly 50 girls from the Duxbury High School have been deemed victims in a nude photo scandal. School officials were notified about the existence of a Dropbox accounting containing nude photos of students after a female student came to them, concerned she may be listed in the account. Following the notification, the Duxbury High School contacted area police to help with the investigation. The police contacted Dropbox regarding the potential use of the website to harbor child pornography and a search warrant was issued. Following the issuance of the warrant, Dropbox handed over the contents of the page to police and it was determined that there were approximately 50 student victims listed in the account in various states of undress.

The reports indicate that most of the photographs were “selfies” taken by the girls and sent to their boyfriends. However, the photos were then placed into the shared Dropbox account without the knowledge of the girls in the photographs. The police note that each photograph was accompanied by the name of the female student. It was noted that none of the photographs in question seemed to have been taken without the knowledge of the victim; however, some may have been digitally altered.

Duxbury High School
Police found nude and semi-nude images of nearly 50 Duxbury High School students in a Dropbox account. (Image via Shutterstock)

Duxbury Police Chief Matthew M. Clancy tells WCVB that they worked quickly to have the page shutdown. He notes that some of the photographs are completely innocent while others included images of nude female students. Clancy says that they are still investigating the incident and have requested additional information from Dropbox in a bid to identify who created the account. Police say child pornography charges may be presented against the individual who knowingly created the Dropbox account to share the indecent photographs; however, he says no charges are expected to be filed against the female students.

Duxbury Schools Superintendent Dr. Ben Tantillo says he is using the case to encourage the young men and woman who attend the school to think about their actions. He says that young men should know the appropriate way to treat young women and that the girls who were victim of this photo sharing should learn about the dangers of sharing such intimate photographs, even with boyfriends.

“We want our boys to know that this not appropriate way to treat young women, and I want our young women to understand that they need to think better of themselves.”

The school and police department will be giving a general assembly at the Duxbury High School regarding the incident. Meanwhile, Tantillo says the nude photo scandal goes beyond the school walls and that adults need to stand up against the “Kardashian culture” that makes this sort of behavior acceptable.

“How many followers do the Kardashians have? Millions. That’s the culture our kids are growing up with. We need our parents, teachers and all our groups to combat that.”

Do you think charges should be filed against the person who created the Dropbox account? Should the boyfriends who shared the intimate photos with the account be held accountable for their actions as well? What about the girls who sent the nude photographs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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