Michael Phelps’ Son: Olympic Gold Medalist And His Wife-To-Be Welcome Newborn

Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and his fiancée, Nicole Johnson, welcomed their newborn son into the world. Phelps made the announcement on May 7, via social media.

Michael Phelps is now an extremely proud father. Via Instagram, Phelps announced the welcoming of his son, Boomer Robert Phelps. According to Today, while Michael has won 18 Olympic gold medals, Phelps states that fatherhood is the best feeling he’s ever experienced in his life.

Michael mentions that Boomer Phelps was born on May 5, at 7:21 pm. Likewise, Michael also noted that his son was born “healthy and happy.”

According to the source, in November of 2015, Michael publicly announced that he and Johnson — who is former Miss California 2010 — were expecting a child together. Similar to today’s birth announcement, Phelps posted the expectancy via Instagram. During that time, just under five months ago, the Olympic swimmer was excited and mentioned that — at 12 weeks — they learned the baby’s gender. Michael Phelps mentioned as follows.

“We found out 8 weeks ago we were expecting… Today we’re over 12 weeks and it looks like we’re having a boy.”

Since Michael made the announcement about little Boomer Phelps, the world has offered many congratulatory expressions via the swimmer’s photos. Some have even coined the name “Papa Phelps.”

As can be seen in the photo’s caption, Michael Phelps’ and his fiancé’s pregnancy photography was captured by Boone Studios. Their Instagram page notes that they’re a husband and wife duo of John and Ellice Boone — “photography power couple.”

Multiple photos show Michael Phelps’ wife-to-be during her nine months with Boomer inside of her.

As mentioned, it looks like Michael might also claim the title “Hubby Phelps” as well. The Today Show mentioned the Olympic swimmer, back in February, regarding his relationship status with Nicole Johnson. Phelps was overly excited to announce — once again, from Instagram — his engagement to his bride-to-be. According to the source, Phelps and Johnson posted to their social media pages.

For the most part, Michael Phelps was happy that “she said yes.” Meanwhile, Nicole was ecstatic that she was going to be a “Mrs.” Also, one of Michael’s fellow Olympians, Allison Schmitt, mentioned that she couldn’t be more happy for the future Phelps family.

The Today Show also bagged an interview with Michael about his return to the Olympics, given the DUI he received. Joined by the show’s Matt Lauer, Phelps explained that this would be his last return to the worldwide competition. And, since it’s going to be Phelps’ last performance in the competitive arena, he would like for his fans to remember him for his accomplishments and not his past faults.

“It would say something along the lines of, I finally gave 100 percent. Or I’m happy to turn the page to the next chapter. I’m happy to move on from my swimming career and go out how I wanted to.”

As for social media response, one of Michael’s photo commentators, Kelly Esposito, notes that she appreciates his honesty about his return. Kelly says, as follows.

“Just saw your interview on the Today Show, makes me like and respect you even more! Love honesty! More people should be this way. Good for you!”

Likewise, another commentator, Danny Stephens, emphasizes Phelps’ honesty about his past situation.

“You’re awesome! Congrats on the (growing family) and all your success. You’ve handled your stifles with an openness and honesty that I admire. Best of luck!”

The Olympic swimmer is set to compete in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It looks as if his son — and extra motivation — came at the right time. Michael Phelps doesn’t have to miss any of his competitions by being in the delivery room, right? By the time the games commence in August, little Boomer will have aged enough to make an appearance at his father’s race. Maybe the world will get a chance to see him sitting atop Nicole’s lap?

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[Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images Sport]