WWE News: Big Backstage Criticism Over The Booking Of Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, And AJ Styles

Ever since Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows arrived, we all thought there would be some interesting booking with them. It seemed to start that way as the pair took out the Usos, a tag team fans have loved for some time now. Coming in hot like that made most assume that they would be going after the tag team titles, despite reports that they would be pairing up with either AJ Styles or Finn Balor.

WWE then pushed the duo toward AJ Styles and sort of formed a new faction without really even trying to do so. The former Bullet Club members are now simply going by “The Club” in WWE and look to be an official group. WWE, as well as Finn Balor, have teased that the former NXT Champion would be with his friends on the main roster, but WWE went with AJ over him as of now. Some believe AJ is a placeholder and will be replaced when WWE feels the need to bring up Balor.

It is speculated that Balor will be called up at some point this summer, but it is currently unknown what specific time they will go through with it. Many feel that things have been weird with the entire group since their arrival. While Styles has been booked pretty strong over the last few months, there is an issue with Anderson and Gallows. According to Daily Wrestling News, there is some backstage criticism on their booking.

The Club WWE
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It is said that the creative for the two men has been some of the worst WWE has put out in years. The feeling is that Anderson and Gallows should be booked a lot stronger. A source for DWN claims WWE never treated their arrival as a big deal ever since they first came in and claimed it was doomed from the start for them. To add credibility to this, despite how good their matches have been, WWE automatically pushed the two toward Styles to bring “The Club” to WWE, possibly to cash in on Bullet Club love.

The same source claimed that the “even-steven booking is killing the company.” The source may be onto something, as WWE put out two six-man tag matches this past week with The Club taking on Roman Reigns and his cousins, the Usos. Both had a win. The end result to AJ vs Roman will be Reigns coming out on top, which would sort of kill momentum for The Club. If they were booked differently and away from the WWE World Champion, the group might be able to build and become much bigger.

Now we know the end result before it even begins. On top of this, it is uncertain where this puts AJ Styles. Is he a heel or babyface? Anderson and Gallows are pushing him toward turning heel while he does not want to do so. WWE is trying to put over a sort of heel/face Reigns in all of this as well, which is only hurting Roman because of the love The Club brings with them.

AJ Club
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Basically, we’re seeing WWE push AJ Styles with two of his heel friends to have him go against a tweener Reigns with his babyface cousins. The roles are all over the board, and no one knows where it will go. The booking is insane even on paper and reeks of WWE trying to capitalize on a top group without actually booking them correctly to do so.

Either way, fans will be upset with the outcome. Fans of the Usos and Reigns will see Styles and his club go over and be upset or we’ll see The Club go down to the Samoan Dynasty and get a lot of upset fans as well. There is no winner with this rivalry at the end of the day, which will make the entire thing a bad booking decision. There is a rumor that a top WWE talent and longtime producer voiced concern over the angle and especially the booking of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

They believe that Anderson and Gallows offer a lot, and if used correctly, WWE can get a lot out of the pair. With their fans coming over from NJPW, it makes total sense to use them in a big way. However, this rivalry works for no one at the end of the day booking wise. It will be interesting to see where WWE goes with the AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns rivalry, but it will be even more interesting to see where Anderson and Gallows go after all of this. The obvious thought is that they will pair up with Finn Balor this summer, but that could be up in the air as of now as well.

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