May 8, 2016
WWE News: Why Criticism Of Anderson & Gallows' Poor Booking Could Lead To Change

When word leaked that the WWE had come to an agreement with AJ Styles, the online wrestling community went wild with anticipation. Fans were excited, not only for Styles' potential alone, but also for the chance that WWE would also bring in his former running buddies in New Japan, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Soon enough, it became apparent Anderson & Gallows were on their way as well, and the anticipation grew that much stronger.

Anderson & Gallows were core members of New Japan's hottest faction, The Bullet Club. Finn Balor (then known as Prince Devitt) was their leader until he signed with NXT and was replaced by Styles. Now that they're all under the WWE umbrella, the possibilities became endless. Sure, Balor was/is still with NXT, but his main-roster arrival is imminent, and his promotion will inevitably pack a huge punch in WWE.

In the four weeks since Anderson & Gallows arrived on the scene, they've made their intentions very clear. Their goal has been to help AJ become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, while Styles is hoping do accomplish it on his own. At no time on WWE programming has there been an outright mention of The Bullet Club, but Karl Anderson posted the following on his Twitter account, suggesting an official reunion, a name change for the group, or both.

Anderson & Gallows have also set their sights on Roman Reigns' cousins, The Usos. The tag teams squared off for Anderson & Gallows' RAW debut match and the possibility exists for a rematch at Extreme Rules. But despite initial approval from the WWE Universe with much more anticipation of what's to come, rumblings from within the WWE locker room have not been as positive. The Inquisitr recently reported that several members of the roster believe WWE officials and the creative team have dropped the ball as it pertains to how Anderson & Gallows have been booked.

The word is that many believe they have been booked so poorly that they feel there's a chance the gimmick could fail if it continues down this path. The hope is that Anderson & Gallows will be given better opportunities, but since WWE's chosen new face of the company is on the other side of the feud, they're destined to come out of the program with a lot less momentum than when they came in.

the booking of anderson and gallows
[Image via YouTube]There are several factors which could turn the tides for The Club, and Anderson & Gallows specifically. Daily Wrestling News reports that there is at least one major player on the roster, and one WWE producer that may be willing to go to WWE officials and members of the creative team to voice their concerns. It's not often you hear that talent are willing to put over other talent backstage, as it could actually lead to that superstar dropping down a peg for whomever they go to bat for.

It's not known which top talent is ready to speak on Anderson & Gallows' behalf, but that could lead to an interesting angle if that were ever to come out. The other two things working in their favor are the aforementioned Styles and Balor. Styles wasn't even supposed to be in this spot, at least not yet. But the increasingly-louder crowd reactions and top merchandise sales have propelled him to the main event scene. If the pops get louder and the T-shirts keep selling, WWE will have little choice but to keep him there, and in turn, turn up the heat on the booking of Anderson & Gallows.

But even if they split up Styles from the rest of The Club, a Finn Balor substitution is sensible enough for WWE to run with that direction. Regardless, it's clear that Anderson & Gallows have a lot of supporters in their corner. Now they just have to convince the decision-makers to make the right decisions moving forward.

[Image via WWE]