WWE Rumors, Spoilers: AJ Styles Will Take Things To The ‘Extreme’ On ‘Raw’ – Where Is Dean Ambrose?

Monday Night Raw is going to be a big one this week as AJ Styles finally is coming to the realization that he may actually need Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. No, he didn’t approve of what the former Bullet Club members were doing, but the Roman Empire is leaving him no choice. With Extreme Rules only a couple of weeks away, he may have to revert to drastic measures to keep himself safe and to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE has released their preview for this week’s Monday Night Raw, and it looks like it will be a good show. Even though the next Pay-Per-View only has three confirmed matches so far, there are many more rumored, and it appears that those will be built up more on Monday.

Will AJ Styles embrace his ruthless side?

This is the feud that is boiling up and it’s involving a lot of outside interference. With The Usos and the team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows constantly getting involved, something much bigger is coming, and it includes more than the WWE World Title match at Extreme Rules.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw extreme rules aj styles roman reigns dean ambrose [Image via WWE]AJ Styles has started to realize that he needs to do more than what he’s been doing over the past few weeks. If Roman Reigns is going to result in taking the assistance of The Usos, using chairs, and taking advantage of the announce table, then Styles is going to have to go a bit extreme himself.

Who deserves to challenge The Miz?

The Miz has already gotten the best of Cesaro, but there are others who want to grab hold of the Intercontinental Title. Now, the feud between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens has spilled into the battle for the belt, and it looks as if The Miz may have more than one enemy to fend off.

As reported by Sportsrageous, a Fatal 4-Way for the Intercontinental Title is expected to be announced for Extreme Rules this week or next. There is a very good possibility that this match will steal the show and possibly have a chance to be the “Match of the Year.”

Where is Dean Ambrose?

On last week’s Monday Night Raw, “The Ambrose Asylum” was shut down to make way for “The Highlight Reel” which made its triumphant return. Chris Jericho made sure to not only take his rightful place as the true icon, but he made it a point to trash the makeshift set that Ambrose had brought into the ring for his segment.

That included Jericho taking Ambrose’s beloved plant Mitch and cracking it over the skull of the Lunatic Fringe.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw extreme rules aj styles roman reigns dean ambrose jericho [Image via WWE]Dean Ambrose was noticeably absent at SmackDown on Thursday, and many are confused as to where he could have been. Maybe he was nursing his head or mourning the loss of Mitch or maybe he was simply biding his time and thinking of the perfect way to get back at Y2J.

Is Charlotte running scared?

When it was revealed that Ric Flair would be banned from ringside for Charlotte’s match against Natalya at Extreme Rules, things took a turn. The WWE Women’s Champion knows that her father has been very instrumental in some of her recent matches, and now, his assistance will be nowhere to be found.

Natalya is going to keep pushing at Charlotte until their title match on May 22, but expect the champion to avoid her every chance she gets.

Will Rusev devour Kalisto’s ‘big heart’?

Last week on Raw, Rusev won a battle royal in which he was named the number one contender for the United States Title currently held by Kalisto. As Fansided reported, Rusev took this new challenge very seriously and immediately let it be known if need be, he was going to “eat [Kalisto’s] heart out.”

Kalisto has done well against larger opponents in the past, but he may bite off more than he can chew when facing the “Bulgarian Brute.”

With just a couple of weeks until Extreme Rules, WWE is going to focus a lot on building up the card for the big Pay-Per-View. As of now, there are only three matches planned, but expect at least four or five more to be added. On Monday Night Raw, a lot of attention will be put on the feud between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns as it is the centerpiece right now, and it could bring forth a lot more for the summer months.

[Image via WWE]