WWE News: Bret Hart Talks Backstage McMahon Family Tension At WWE Payback

WWE Payback had one of the more controversial endings to a championship match in recent memory. However, it wasn’t controversial for the right reasons. Charlotte took on Natalya for the WWE Women’s championship. Disregard the fact that Sasha Banks, Emma, and Becky Lynch were all left off TV for the pay-per-view, Nattie earned herself another championship match at WWE Payback.

Their match on Monday Night Raw ended with a bad finish when Ric Flair helped his daughter win once again. Like most of Charlotte’s title matches, Flair was involved in some way, but this time against Natalya, she had an equalizer. Natalya got her uncle, Bret Hart, to be with her at ringside. When his music hit in Chicago, Illinois, the crowd erupted and got on their feet for the WWE Hall of Famer.

WWE Monday Night RAW
Natalya vs. Emma on WWE Monday Night RAW (image via WWE).

Near the end of the match, Charles Robinson, the referee, was looking to see if Natalya was going to tap to the Figure-8. However, she didn’t actually tap but instead yelled at Charlotte for her to stop. That was apparently enough for him to stop the match. Hart, who didn’t want to be at ringside anyway, helped Nattie, and they both performed the sharpshooter on Charlotte and Flair.

The ending was figured out backstage with Vince McMahon and Hart, but it was the Hitman who came up with the ending. Backstage at a WWE event isn’t always the most glorious of places to be. Especially if there is turmoil inside and out of the ring. On his latest edition of the Sharpshooter Show, Hart talked about how Vince McMahon loves the backstage McMahon family turmoil.

“Hart says he thinks Vince McMahon is ‘loving’ the tension, and he thinks the real-life drama is influencing WWE’s current television storylines. He thinks Vince’s children and Triple H are probably uncomfortable with the tension, and that Vince would be the one throwing more gas on the fire.”

“‘I sense that there is some real tension in the family. I got the impression from watching it on TV, just like the fans do, that Vince is loving it,’ Hart said. ‘He loves the tension between them. This little storyline that they have seems like it’s true and it’s based on a real situation. A lot of times that’s what Vince likes to play on.'”

Sometimes, the best storylines on television display art imitating life. For the McMahon’s, that’s presumably what is going on behind the scenes at the current moment. In a recent article two months ago, there were reports of real-life animosity between Shane and Triple H. It’s historically believed that both parties don’t like each other. In fact, there is a reason why Shane and HHH have never faced each other in a ring since Shane’s return.

The WWE has a reason for everything, most of the time. That is no coincidence, and don’t look for it to change anytime soon. To get Shane and HHH in a ring together will likely take a SummerSlam program if the two face-off for brand control of some kind. When Vince made sure Stephanie and Shane would run Raw, that only meant a brand split was coming in the future.

McMahons RAW
image via WWE

It could come as soon as SummerSlam, but that would be the pay-off of a long-term feud this Summer. John Cena, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins still have to return from injury. They would be considered major pieces to the puzzle. What the WWE should do is implement a WWE Draft, which became a staple once a year during the brand split.

This tension Hart is alluding to will hit a tipping point. What that point is is unknown at this time. However, when Vince gets his hand on something, it can only go so far. Take the CM Punk/WWE dispute as a great example. Vince still owes Punk one, or maybe a few dozen.

[Image via WWE.com]