Britney Spears: Find Out Her Workout That Keeps Her Looking Fit And Fabulous

It’s no secret that Britney Spears is looking better than ever these days. The pop star has not been shy about showing off her fit bod on social media and has a reason to be so forthcoming with photos of her physique. As Hollywood Life notes, Spears has not looked this fit and toned since her “Slave 4 U” days and also appears to be happier than ever.

A successful Vegas residency and new music ready to drop means Brit has to stay in peak form for her high energy and figure-revealing shows. The “Toxic” singer has not gone it alone while getting back into incredible shape. Brit has the help of celebrity trainer Tony Martinez who shares his motto for attaining the fitness and figure goals we all aspire to achieve. Spears’ trainer notes that those looking to see results should not spend hours and hours at the gym. Instead, they should “work out smarter, not longer.”

Spears’ trainer shares that lengthy gym sessions and expensive equipment are not necessary to get the desired results. Tony, who is also the go-to trainer for Janet Jackson and Pink, instructs that Britney gets a 40-minute workout, three to four times a week.

Hollywood Life shares the details about Spears’ fitness regime.

“She loves all core workouts. She’s a very tenacious woman. She wants to get it done and get it done right.”

Those core workouts are clearly the reason that Brit has such ripped abs that she’s been showing off of late via her Instagram account.

Tony went on to share the method and equipment used to perfecting your core section.

“Tony shows off one of the ab workouts he developed, using a foam roller. Resting your elbows on a foam roller, Tony says to hold your body in a plank position for 30 to 60-seconds, then, holding the plank position, bring your knee to your elbow and alternate each side 10 times. For a full ab workout, Tony says to repeat the routine three times without resting in between.”

The diet that Britney Spears follows, as a complement to all of her hard work at the gym, includes a balance of proteins, grains, and fruits. However, the mother-of-two does reportedly indulge on occasion. Us Weekly recently shared about Spears’ diet to keep her at her best.

“[S]he ‘still eats fast food,’ but fuels her workouts with healthy meals like egg whites and wheat toast. When she needs something to snack on throughout the day, the mag says she goes for “any kind of fruit, especially peaches.”

Last year, a source shared what physical activities Brit likes to take part in on her own, void of her personal trainer’s instruction. Hollywood Life relayed the various exercises and classes that Spears joins in on when looking for a bit of variety in her workout.

“‘She’s constantly burning everything off!’She also likes going to Drenched Fitness in L.A., which specializes in high-intensity interval training. ‘I think she’s drawn to it because it’s a tough workout,’ creator Julie Kennington told the magazine. ‘It’s cardio, as well as strength-training. She has muscle and she’s strong. This is the best she’s looked in a while.”

The busy musical artist, performer, and mother-of-two has experienced a great deal of turmoil over the past decade, yet friends and sources close to the star say that she is in a better place than ever. Last month, it was revealed that Brit has been working with a life coach over the past few years and this has helped her to find happiness individually. The singer bounced around from relationship to relationship and now seems stronger than ever on her own.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]