WWE News: The Bullet Club Has Reformed In WWE And Is Going After Roman Reigns

When AJ Styles debuted in WWE back in January, everyone immediately had hopes. Last month, former Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows finally showed up in WWE, and the hopes of wrestling fans were heightened even more. The chance that the Bullet Club could come together in the largest wrestling promotion in the world was possible. Now that it has happened, they have a target in their sights – Roman Reigns.

Ever since Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson appeared on the scene in WWE, it was thought they were going to join forces with AJ Styles. Yes, there is the possibility of them becoming a stable with Finn Balor once he gets called up from NXT, but many fans just focus on what’s happening right now.

Thursday night on SmackDown, Styles partnered with Anderson and Gallows to take on Roman Reigns and The Usos. As recapped by WWE.com, the Roman Empire ended up pulling out the victory, but there is much more to this whole feud than what is transpiring on-screen.

Anderson made that perfectly clear on Friday morning with a tweet that thrilled wrestling fans.

In all actuality, the picture was first tweeted out by the official Twitter account of WWE, and the caption talked about the three superstars being “on the same page with victory on the mind.” The interesting thing about that is the fact that Anderson and Gallows were set to face The Usos on Thursday, and it wasn’t until during the match that it was made into a six-man tag.

A brawl broke out during the tag match with Roman Reigns getting involved, and that caused Styles to insert himself into the fight as well.

It’s known that in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Styles led the Bullet Club of which had Anderson and Gallows as members. All three of them left the promotion earlier this year and landed in WWE after months of speculation, but they arrived separately and not as a stable.

When Gallows and Anderson debuted and took out Roman Reigns, AJ Styles denied having anything to do with it. He did admit to knowing and being friends with the newcomers from NJPW, but he said he had no part in their beatdown of him when they showed up on Monday Night RAW for the first time.

wwe news bullet club aj styles karl anderson luke gallows roman reigns [Image via WWE]Since then, Styles had still not totally sided with the powerful tag team. Whenever they would come out and help him, he’d sort of stand back and let things just happen. It wouldn’t be until they were outnumbered by the Roman Empire that he would get involved in things.

Seeing the three of them together and posing in a manner of solidarity, it finally does seem as if AJ Styles has found his place alongside Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

No, WWE can’t actually call the stable “Bullet Club” since that name belongs to NJPW, but the group could be called something similar. WWE has trademarked the name “Bulletproof” and it is known that Finn Balor has teased “Balor Club” for a long time, but again, he’s still in NXT at this time.

It could all be a continued part of the storyline as everyone knows how much social media plays into every aspect of life. The tweet by Karl Anderson may be just another tease and could lead to anything in the future. Still, it’s interesting to see him, Luke Gallows, and AJ Styles pose in full Bullet Club fashion when it’s only been a casual on-screen partnership. Could they be back? Is Roman Reigns truly in trouble?

[Image via WWE]