Five Teens In Tesla Model S Survive Big Crash

Sonny Go

Five teens survived a horrific crash in a Tesla Model S in Pullach, Germany, that left the electric car absolutely wrecked. It's one of those times that "highlights the importance of a large crumple zone," according to Electrek. It seems that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now gained a practical reason to be confident about Tesla's safety record.

The pictures by German newspaper Merkur are quite telling of what the crash has wrought and how lucky the teenagers were to get out of it alive. The front end of the Tesla Model S is completely destroyed while the body itself remained mostly intact, which is definitely how the teens survived this incredibly unfortunate accident.

Upon hearing the news, Elon Musk expressed his relief on Twitter regarding the fate of the teenagers.

"It's just like jumping into a pool from a high diving board — you want a deep pool and one without rocks in it."

While the Tesla Model 3 is still a long way away from its actual launch, the Tesla Model S seems to be making more good news for the electric automobile company. While unfortunate that the teenagers had to face such an accident, it does show how safe the Tesla Model S can be.

[Photo by Sabine Hermsdorf/Merkur]