Did Prince Have A Love Child? Court Orders DNA Testing As Claims On His Fortune Crop Up

Did Prince have a love child?

A Minnesota court is preparing for a barrage of people claiming to be the long lost son or daughter of the famous singer and has ordered that his DNA be tested just in case.

The order by a judge on Friday has led to some speculation that Prince may have fathered unknown kids over the years, and at least one person has come forward to claim he's their father.

According to NBC News, Carver County District Court Judge Kevin Eide has given the administrator of Prince's estate, Bremer Trust, permission to perform a DNA test on his blood just in case "parentage issues might arise," adding "that timing can be of concern when conducting genetic testing."

The medical examiner that performed the autopsy on the late singer, who died at age 57 on April 21 of as-yet unknown but much-speculated causes, kept a vial of his blood on file. Prince's body has long since been cremated, CBS News added.

Prince's only sister, Tyka Nelson, said that he left behind no known will. And there's a massive fortune to be inherited: about $300 million, Prince's brand, and possibly thousands of unreleased songs.

For now, wealth management firm Bremer Trust will continue to administer this fortune and "marshal and protect" it for his potential heirs, The Minneapolis Star Tribune added.

Prince was married twice and only had one known child with his first wife, Mayte Garcia. That son was named Boy Gregory and died when he was just a week old in October 1996, Rolling Stone noted. Garcia later suffered a miscarriage before the couple divorced.

Prince had no other children that anyone knows of. In another order, ruled Friday along with the allowance of DNA testing, the judge declared that anyone who claims they're an heir of Prince's fortune to come forward within four months. After that, any potential love child is out of luck.

With the DNA in line for genetic testing, Radar Online has reported one alleged love child. A company called Heir Hunters revealed that since he died, many people have called and emailed to say they're Prince's long lost kid, said John Hilbert and Shar Mansukhani.

"At that time, we received a phone call from a gentlemen who said 'What is the procedure for me to prove my paternity to Prince as his child?'" Hilbert revealed.

This person will have to provide a birth record and a "detailed description of why you think you would be related to Prince," he explained. This person lives in the Midwest and claims that his mother and Prince had "crossed paths on several occasions," in the 1980s, ET Online reported early last week.

"At this point, after much consideration, we have found his claim credible enough for our firm to commit its expertise and considerable resources to further investigate and advise him."
If there's a DNA match and paternity is proven, this Midwestern 30-something could inherit Prince's substantial fortune. However, he may have competition. Heir Hunters has been in contact with several other relatives: a potential half-brother and the singer's grandniece.
If the DNA is not a match and other heirs are not found, Prince's fortune will be split among his siblings, most of them half-siblings: Tyka Nelson (Prince's only full sister), Albert Jackson, Omarr Baker, John Nelson, Norrine Nelson, and Sharon Nelson.

On the same day the court ordered DNA testing, a less-legitimate claimant submitted a filing seeking "over $750 billion." The Atlanta woman identified herself as Dr. K.K. Ferraro, but says she is also "currently existing as Maleika S. Mosley." She's also used the names Karolina Kennedy Buccini and Karolina Rosa Kennedy Ferrara and claims to be a Harvard-educated attorney, judge, surgeon, and biomedical researcher.

The three-page, typewritten claim was accompanied by a handwritten note that details a "40 years long post-Civil Rights Movement Sociopolitical Hostage Crisis" and she's been seeking compensation related to this "crisis" from Prince "since 1985 or so."

A claim by a California man for $1 billion has already been thrown out. He claimed an "implied" agreement with Prince that granted him the rights to his music, published and unpublished.

Given all the emergence of all these fortune hunters, it seems ordering tests of Prince's DNA was a wise decision.

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