Beyoncé & Adele Have ‘Discussed Collaborating’ — Is A New Duet Coming?

Could Beyoncé and Adele be about to team up for a powerhouse new duet?

According to reports, Adele and Beyoncé have “discussed” teaming up for a collaboration, which could be coming sooner rather than later following Adele’s recent very public admiration of Beyoncé during a recent concert in Denmark.

Hollywood Life is reporting that the two pop superstars have talked about teaming up for a collaboration in the past and admitted that Adele is most definitely on-board to collaborate with Beyoncé in the not too distant future.

“They have discussed collaborating on a song or project together at some point,” an insider told Hollywood Life of a possible duet earlier this week, admitting that Beyoncé knows about Adele’s recent on-stage praise and is “flattered” by Adele’s gush.

“Beyoncé is aware that Adele referred to her as Jesus Chris at a recent concert and of course is beyond flattered by her continued support,” the source close to Beyoncé admitted to the site.


Reports of a duet comes shortly after Adele halted a concert in Demark to gush over Beyoncé, where a video captured by Twitter account @WORLDSTAR showed that Adele referred to the “Formation” singer as “Jesus Christ.”

“How is it even possible that she only ever gets better? How is that possible?” Adele told concert-goers on her recent European tour stop.

“She is Jesus f****** Christ, Jesus f****** Christ. Beyoncé is the sickest artist around in the whole entire world. It’s unbelievable,” Adele continued, gushing about Beyoncé during the show. “I’ve been listening to her for 17 years and she’s still making music that blows my mind.”

Adele then dropped a hint that she’d most definitely be willing to team up with Beyoncé for a project of some kind, joking that “in her dreams” Beyoncé would join her on stage during the show.

“She’s not here, Beyoncé,” Adele clarified following her moment of praise, “‘Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Beyoncé!’ Imagine that! In my dreams…”

Adele’s very public on-stage Beyoncé praise came just one day after Adele took to Instagram to spread the love for the star, where she posted a black and white snap of herself caressing a large poster of Beyoncé’s 2006 cover art for the single “Irreplaceable.”

“I’m not late on this I’ve just been speechless,” Adele captioned the black and white photo posted to her official Instagram page on May 3, referring to Beyoncé’s new visual album, Lemonade, released on April 23.

“Beyoncé is the most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of worshiping. Her talent, beauty, grace and work ethic are all in a league of their own,” Adele told her more than 11 million followers on the social media site, telling the superstar, “I appreciate you so much! Thank god for Beyoncé.”

But while Adele’s latest round of praise for Beyoncé has fans crossing their fingers for a duet, this certainly isn’t the first time Adele has gushed over the singer and hinted that a duet may soon be a reality.

Adele previously denied reports that she actually turned down an invitation to duet with Beyoncé in an interview with BBC Radio One last year, where she admitted she would never “disrespect” Beyoncé by turning down such an invitation.

Adele & Beyonce Duet? The Two Have "Discussed Collaborating" [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]“There’s a rumor going around that I turned Beyoncé down, which I would never be so disrespectful as to do. I’d never disrespect her like that,” Adele told host Zane Lowe in the 2015 BBC Radio One interview.

“I’m such a fan, oh my God,” Adele continued of Beyoncé, admitting that she was “Obviously, Queen B until the day I die.”

Adele then went on to recall her past meeting with Beyoncé, revealing that her conversation with her fellow superstar was actually interrupted by Jay Z.

“I was basically dribbling as she was talking to me. Then Jay Z came over to talk to her but Beyoncé was like: ‘I’m talking, not now,'” Adele recalled of her Beyoncé encounter. “He came closer and said: ‘Adele, can I just have one minute with my wife?’ I was like: You know my name?!'”

Adele joked that she then “ran off onto a balcony and fell to my knees, crying” following her Beyoncé meeting.

Would you like to see Adele and Beyoncé team-up for a duet?

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]