‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Two Key Characters Return, Major Changes Ahead

This past week on General Hospital has been full of mob drama, and the whole thing is spinning out of control. Sonny Corinthos and Julian Jerome are still trying to take each other down, but now that Carlos Rivera has been arrested for Duke’s murder, it is all about to take another dramatic turn. Two very familiar faces are set to return to the soap, which could very well lead to some changes very soon.

On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Nathan and Dante were transporting Carlos to another location. With the help of Paul Hornsby, Carlos tried to make his escape and caused the transport van to swerve off the road. Viewers had watched as the van ended up hitting another vehicle that just so happened to be Jason Morgan’s motorcycle. He was last seen lying on the ground unconscious.

The spoilers that were posted by ABC indicated that Jason is still alive but will be hallucinating, and he will be seeing someone all General Hospital fans know and love. Robin Scorpio will appear to help Jason in his time of need. In the new sneak peek for Monday, she is talking to her good friend and trying to encourage him to figure out what to do.

Jason has been very confused lately since he can’t remember his past with Sam, Sonny, Carly, Elizabeth, or even being a Quartermaine. This accident is supposed to jog his memory somehow so he remembers everything, and Robin may just be the key to unlocking them.

General Hospital star Billy Miller [Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]Unfortunately, he is not the only one who is hurt. Dante is seen lying between them on the ground not moving at all. Jason is trying to figure out what to do and wants Robin to give him some advice. Her response to that is for him to trust his own instincts.

“The truth is that I could never tell you what to do. Even when you asked for my advice, you wouldn’t always take it. You have one defining trait in that you make your own choices. You do what you feel is right, regardless of what everybody else thinks.”

This is what everyone has been waiting for on General Hospital. Jason Morgan is expected to have all of his memories back and will eventually remember everything about his life. That will include his life with Sam and also his mob connection as Sonny’s hit man. Does this mean that Jason will go back to that lifestyle? Everyone will have to wait to see how it all plays out.

Another key character is expected to return the week of May 9. Ian Buchanan is supposed to reappear as the beloved Duke Lavery, as reported by Soaps In Depth. It’s great that General Hospital has decided to bring these two back, but it is not supposed to be a permanent thing. There are not many details on what circumstances will bring Duke back, but it will most likely be to comfort Anna and maybe even his son, Griffin Munro.

General Hospital star Ian Buchanan [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]It sounds like his short stint back will possibly be as a ghost. It doesn’t look like the soap will bring him back alive as many fans had hoped they would. However, it will be good to see Duke once again, even just for a couple of days. Anna sure could use him right now.

As for Robin Scorpio, she may just be the key player to help Jason get his memories back. She may only be seen for one day this coming week, but she is expected to be back later this month, only this time she will not just be an illusion. Robin and Emma will be making their way back for the Nurses Ball very soon.


Also seen in the previews for Monday, Jason will be hearing the voices of Sonny, Carly, and Sam as well. They will all be encouraging him to make it through this accident. He will soon realize just how important these people are to him.

Are you ready for Jason Morgan to get his memories back on General Hospital next week?

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NATAS]