‘NCIS’ Michael Weatherly Teases Tony DiNozzo’s Death

For those still wondering how Tony DiNozzo will come out of NCIS, Michael Weatherly has opened up about it. The episode will air in a couple of weeks, and he has teased that death will come. Does that mean his death? It really depend on how people take his words.

The Inquisitr recently questioned whether death is on the cards for the NCIS fan-favorite. It is certainly a possibility, although Gary Glasberg says that Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David will play a part in him leaving. His exit will happen in the finale called Family First,” where he will definitely put family first. Which family that is and what that really means are still open for debate.

Weatherly has said that death will happen. Part of DiNozzo dies in the NCIS Season 13 finale, but not that he actually dies. It suggests that he will walk away, as he decides to find himself. He has said that there is a “sudden death” in the episode, but not who that is or what it will mean for his character. It is unlikely that one of the team will die, but will there be news that something has happened to Ziva? Pablo has already said she will not return for the final episode.

“I hope that everybody out in fanland understands that this was the natural way for DiNozzo to leave. DiNozzo leaves NCIS the same way he came, which is my cryptic little puzzle message to fans.”

The actor continued to say that his exit is natural for him, and he goes out the way he came into the team. Flashbacks throughout the show’s run showed him as a detective before Gibbs offered him a position on his NCIS team.

Weatherly says that this exit has been a long time coming. He felt like he should have left earlier, but he was having far too much fun on the set. DiNozzo was regularly offered a chance to lead his own NCIS team, and each time he turned down the chance. For the fans and the sake of keeping the actor on this had to be done, but if it was real life they would have been major career mistakes for DiNozzo.

“I should’ve left years ago, but I was having so much fun I overstayed my welcome horribly — like that guest who won’t leave and keeps digging into your fridge.”

Us Magazine reports that Weatherly said that last summer he was writing down a list of ideas, and realized then that DiNozzo just had to leave the team. He finally made the decision that the character needs to move on, and that opened him up to other TV shows.

The decision led to Weatherly taking on a new TV pilot show, Bull. He will play Dr. Bull, and the show will focus on the early days of the talk show host Dr. Phil. When Weatherly announced his departure from NCIS in January, the move to Bull was already on the cards. It wasn’t announced until March, but CBS had said that it looked forward to working with him in the future. Bull is going to air on CBS.

Fans now just want to know what will happen to the “Very” Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. There are some who believe that he will just walk away to be with Ziva. Others think that he may take a bullet for a member of the team, as they have always been his family. Some think that he will get the chance to lead his own team again, and this time he will actually take it.

Whether he will die or not, there are likely to be tears during the episode. It looks like death will be a part of the NCIS finale. The episode will air on Tuesday, May 17. Next week will focus on the lead up, after the cliffhanger of FBI Agent Fornell being left for dead last week.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]