‘The Originals’ Killed Another Original Character Last Night, Along With A Guest Character! [Spoilers]

Another original character was killed off in The Originals last night, and it looks like it could be for good. This was the third promised death, but it wasn’t all. Fans said goodbye to another character, and the big question is: how will the finale play out now?

Fans are still getting over Cami’s death from last week. At least she was able to come to terms with her death, as Buddy TV reports. The second original character to die in Season 3 hasn’t had that chance. It was all about Davina this week, following on from Kol’s actions last week.

As Hayley, Klaus and Elijah mourn Cami, Kol tells Marcel that the ancestors gave him no choice. He is devastated, and the two need to find a way to bring her back. They turn to Vincent, who may have a way, but Freya needs to help. Of course, she agrees to keep Davina away from the ancestors. The only way to bring her back would be to consecrate her body, but that would mean she would be around the ancestors who want to kill her; and kill her permanently they will.

Freya and Vincent work together to put her in a limbo state. Her spirit will be protected to stop the ancestors from using a dark object on her soul. It turns out that, if they use a dark object, Davina’s soul will be torn apart, and she can never return. It sounds like a very painful death on The Originals. Kol promises her that they will bring her back by the end of the day, and Davina strangely believes him. Surely considering how long it took to bring him back, she would know it cannot be that easy.

It turns out that it is never simple. While Freya uses Elijah to help protect Davina’s soul, they find out that Rebekah is in trouble. Lucien’s plan to lure Klaus out with Cami’s death didn’t work, so now he turns to their sisters. Klaus and Hayley go for Rebekah’s body, where they come across Lucien. With him being this Uber Original now, the Mikaelson family need to find a way to stop him.

Freya and Elijah need to use the power that currently protects Davina. It really is for the greater good, but of course it is another plot on The Originals that mostly protects the Mikaelson family. Marcel is angry in the end, understandably so. While he and Davina have had their fallings out, he has always wanted to protect her. For Freya and Elijah to put Klaus first tells him that all the Mikaelsons only care for their family. Having Lucien out there able to kill every single vampire, including an original doesn’t comprehend with him. While Klaus’ death may not mean his death, if Lucien then moves onto Elijah and Rebekah, a lot of vampires will end up dying.

Freya and Elijah’s plan does lead to the second death of The Originals episode, and it is a bit of a shock considering there are still two episodes left of the season. Freya manages to turn Lucien back in to a normal vampire, so Klaus can kill him with a removal of the heart. This would usually be a death left for the finale, so what do The Originals writers have planned?

It looks like Freya and Elijah’s decision means that Davina is lost forever. The next episode could be focused on her, but Marcel is far too angry now to ask the Mikaelsons for help. In fact, the finale synopsis makes it look like he has a hand in Klaus’ downfall. Who will be the finale’s big bad? Will it be the ancestors, since they seem to have been the overall big bad of Season 3, or will they be saved for Season 4?

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