WWE News: WWE Superstar Ryback Had Really Interesting Demands For Vince McMahon Regarding His Contract

WWE Superstar Ryback was sent home before WWE RAW began this past week, despite originally being part of the battle royal to decide the new number one contender for the WWE United States Title that Kalisto currently holds. Although he was not expected to win, he very well could have had a good role in the match. He was even in the picture for the promotion of the match, which meant that WWE sending him home was clearly done last-minute.

According to reports, Ryback met with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon regarding a contract extension. The two did not come to an agreement of any kind, which led to Ryback going home. He is not expected to be at television tapings this week and contract talks to not look good for WWE and The Big Guy. Speaking of the term “The Big Guy,” both WWE and Ryback are apparently fighting over rights to it.

Clearly, this would be useful for Ryback when he heads away from WWE and goes somewhere else. It has been marketed for some time, and it would surely do wonders for merchandise for Ryback on his own, or with another company.

Ryback WWE
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The talks with Ryback and McMahon were quite interesting. Ryback would write a lengthy post on Tumblr about the situation as well as issues he had. He claimed his issue was not over his pay, weirdly enough. The biggest part that was taken away from the post was regarding equal pay, as he felt winners and losers should be paid similarly. With WWE being “sports entertainment,” he has a point regarding people winning and losing. WWE books the outcome, so you cannot pay based on wins and loses.

Most of the time, that does not seem to be the case as WWE has a simple contract and bonuses are usually only done for special things like PPVs. A win or loss is normally never spoken of. Tyler Breeze made this very obvious when he spoke of the good pay he was making, and he’s been jobbing pretty much since he arrived to the main roster. Basically, a lot of what Ryback said did not add up.

According to The Wrestling Observer, Ryback’s issue with WWE is over his pay, contrary to what he might have said. This was not the only thing Ryback had an issue with WWE over, of course. He and Vince McMahon spoke about a number of things reportedly. Ryback went as far as to say that WWE should pay for hotel expenses for talent when they go on the road. Of course, this sounds like a great idea on paper, especially since it seems that every other organization in sports does this.

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However, WWE does not have an off-season. They’re on the road over 300 days a year. That means WWE would not be able to pay hotel expenses for talent, simply because cost would be quite high for all involved. Think about the amount, even if they were to buy hotel rooms well in advance of talent going to a city. We’re looking at $40 to $100 at the very least, depending on the city or country.

Multiply that by roughly 100 people, then multiply that by 300. While other wrestling companies may be able to pay this, most do not work on the road anywhere close to the amount WWE does. Some like TNA mostly do television tapings and would only have to provide a talent a hotel for a short period of time every year, and most already live in the Orlando area, where the shows are usually filmed.

At the end of the day, Ryback may feel like what he is doing will help the talent in some way. Of course this is mostly to help him, because he would certainly benefit. He is obviously using the logic of the overall locker room getting the benefit over what he “demands.” At the end of the day, it very well could be a selfish base for Ryback. It does not look like WWE is willing to budge on things, which could mean Ryback may be the latest to leave WWE during this Spring period.

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