‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Episode 21: Bonnie’s Hatred For Vampires Returns [Spoilers]

Bonnie has always had a hatred for vampires deep down on The Vampire Diaries. Back in Season 1, she was torn between her friends and blaming Damon for her grandmother’s death. The hatred and torn feelings return this week, but for very different reasons.

Caution: There are spoilers ahead from Friday night’s The Vampire Diaries.

The only way to keep Bonnie alive was for Rayna to transfer her last life to her. While that was great—and Rayna certain held up her end of the deal—it meant one devastating thing: Bonnie had to become The Huntress. Once she woke, she would have to kill every vampire in sight, and that meant her friends and boyfriend. Nobody really wanted that to happen, and was it really better than just letting her die (again). Bonnie doesn’t think so, and she initially decides to never wake up. Surely, slipping away would be better than being forced to kill vampires, one of them being her best friend Caroline, and another being love interest Enzo.

Bonnie has always been torn on the concept of vampires in the show. Back in Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries, she even tried to kill Damon and contemplated letting him die in the finale. His way of forcing her and her grandmother to open the tomb where the 1864 vampires lay desiccated led to her grandmother’s death, and she was always understandably resentful of that.

The problem was she like Stefan. And then Caroline became a vampire, and Tyler became a werewolf and later hybrid. It was a difficult time, as she found herself torn. When Elena became a vampire, it was the final straw. She would have to put her hatred for vampires to one side, but it was clearly never really that easy.

By Season 6, Bonnie and Damon were best friends. They’d spent so much time together in the 1994 prison world that they really had no choice, but it wasn’t easy. Now she’s back to hating Damon, but for very different reasons: this time he actually hurt her personally. That never meant she hated all vampires again, unlike Matt who kidnapped Caroline to help Rayna get Stefan despite once being close friends with them all.

Friday night saw the hatred return on The Vampire Diaries for Bonnie. This time there are very different reasons. She has taken over Rayna’s position as The Huntress and that automatically means she needs to hate the things she needs to kill. Rayna had already explained that torn identity, knowing that Stefan was a good vampire.

Trying to help Bonnie, Caroline, Enzo and Damon all take steps into Bonnie’s head. Caroline tries to take them back to a time when they were both best friends rather than the acquaintances that they have since become, as A.V. Club shared. Enzo focused on his growing relationship, where Bonnie tells him that dying and having the good memories is better than a life of her wanting to kill him. Damon decides to pull her out of her sleep instead and interact with her consciousness.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end the way Damon hoped. Bonnie follows through with the hatred and even marks her once best friend Caroline. Now, she finds herself in the same position as Stefan, on the run to keep everyone safe. Of course, this does put Steroline back on the cards as Stefan decides to run away with her.

Next week is The Vampire Diaries Season 7 finale. They need to save Bonnie, and hopefully that will save Caroline. The question is how they will do that. It looks like releasing the Armoury and letting the monster from the vault completely out is the only way to do it on The Vampire Diaries, or maybe they will find Klaus and he can somehow help since he was brought up again.

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