‘Southern Charm’s’ K. Cooper Ray Admits He And Patricia Altschul Are Estranged Due To Kathryn Dennis

How are things between Southern Charm cast members K. Cooper Ray and Patricia Altschul? Not well. In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, posted on Friday, K. Cooper Ray provided an update on his friendship with Patricia. He admitted that they’re currently “estranged.” As for why that is, Cooper explained that it’s partly because Patricia doesn’t like his friendship with Kathryn Dennis.

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Cooper elaborated that Patricia distanced herself from him because of his involvement with Kathryn while he distanced himself from her due to an insult she gave over the summer.

“Her estrangement toward me is due to Kathryn. My estrangement toward her is because she insulted me this summer.”

K. Cooper Ray started off on Southern Charm as Patricia Altschul’s friend but he has gotten increasingly closer to Kathryn Dennis. On the current third season, while Kathryn remains alienated from — or has a complicated relationship with — most of her co-stars, Cooper has become something of a confidant and trusted adviser. Earlier in the season, Kathryn talked to him about Patricia’s intense dislike of her. On the most recent episode, Cooper advised Kathryn to figure out who her true friends are.

Cooper’s friendship with Kathryn has not pleased Patricia. Patricia, the mother of executive producer and starring cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith, does not like Kathryn to say the least. Both on show and off the show, via social media, Patricia has voiced her strong disapproval of Kathryn’s behavior. On one episode, she refused Thomas Ravenel’s request that she invite Kathryn to her upcoming party. Patricia told Thomas, with whom Kathryn now has two children with, that there’s no reason for her to invite Kathryn and that Kathryn should stay home and be a good mom rather than worrying about party invites.

Patricia’s son, Whitney, actually has a sexual history with Kathryn. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Kathryn’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago, she claimed that she and Whitney didn’t just have a sexual fling but were pretty much an item for a short time. Kathryn said that she even stayed with Whitney and had breakfast with Patricia. Patricia issued a swift denial.

While Patricia does not think that she and Kathryn are anything alike, Cooper thinks otherwise. In the latest episode, Cooper voiced his opinion that Kathryn reminds Patricia of a younger version of herself. He also claimed that Patricia called him and told him to stay away from Kathryn as it was a bad look for him.

On Friday, Patricia responded to a viewer who asked if what Cooper claimed is true.

Cooper told The Daily Dish that Patricia outright told him that she and some of the other cast members won’t associate themselves with him if he continues to be friends with Kathryn. Cooper said that he told Patricia that he won’t cut Kathryn out.

“[Patricia said] ‘We are not gonna associate with Kathryn Dennis, and if you do, we won’t associate with you.’ And I said, ‘Respectfully, Patricia, I have no reason to not speak to Kathryn.'”

Despite the drama, Cooper told The Daily Dish that he’s hopeful that he and Patricia will one day be friends again.

“Of course we’ll have to be friends. We have too much in common.”

Yet it seems that, for now at least, a friendship is out of the question for Patricia. Since the latest episode of Southern Charm aired, Patricia has retweeted tweets that are extremely critical of Cooper and proclaiming that she should never let him back in her life.

Patricia Altschul and K. Cooper Ray have also engaged in some back-and-forth on Twitter. In response to one viewer who tweeted that Cooper is now shunned because he didn’t follow Patricia’s order to shun Kathryn Dennis, Patricia tweeted that Cooper’s only interest was getting airtime and that she could care less how he got it. Cooper pointed out that he should be paid for his appearances, which Patricia actually begged him to do.

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