Bernie Sanders Has Won The Democratic Nomination: Columnist Makes The Case

Bernie Sanders’ campaign hopes appear to be fizzling out in the wake of several big Democratic primary victories for frontrunner and presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, but one columnist thinks otherwise and has laid out a case that the Vermont Senator doesn’t just have a shot at the nominee but is well on his way to clinching it.

While that may seem out there for a race in which he trails by 804 delegates (and Clinton is just 178 from winning), H.A. Goodman makes a strong case in light of recent events.

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As the liberal columnist points out, Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate in the race that is not part of an ongoing investigation being handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Concerning that investigation, there has been no indication that Hillary will be exonerated in spite of the confidence that her supporters are showing, Goodman writes.

“First, it’s important to note that Hillary Clinton has not been cleared by the FBI,” Goodman states. “In fact, the FBI hasn’t made any statements, nor has the DOJ issued a verdict on potential indictments.”

To back up this point, he points out a piece from The Daily Banter that merely states “sources familiar with the FBI probe of Clinton’s private e-mail server” are confident “investigators haven’t found evidence to prove that Clinton willfully violated the law.”

These “sources” are clearly not the FBI itself, which continues to move forward questioning top-ranking Clinton allies and (likely) Clinton herself before all is said and done.

“It simply means the same anonymous sources Fox News quotes (saying Clinton will end up in jail after this investigating is over) have been asked their opinion,” Goodman states, arguing it was this same type of flimsy information that resulted in “justification” of the Iraq War.

“Ultimately, the only recent facts that can’t be disputed involve Huma Abedin and other top Clinton aides being interviewed by the FBI,” Goodman adds.

Also in Bernie Sanders’ favor is the fact that President Obama’s former Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes that odds are “pretty high” the Clinton private email server was hacked by Russia, China, or Iran.

Gates is anything but a partisan, so his opinion on the matter, at least for Goodman, is much more reliable than anything from Fox News or the tea party Republicans, who want nothing more than to see Hillary indicted.

Goodman also believes that the 31,830 emails Clinton deleted, the ample evidence that at least some of the information on the server was classified, and the latest development that Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar (aka Guccifer) likely hacked the server multiple times makes Clinton a criminal choice for the nomination at worst and an incompetent one at best.

“When you evaluate Guccifer’s claim, alongside the viewpoint of Secretary Gates, a former FBI agent, and the head of Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency (who believes Clinton should ‘drop out’), then also remember the 22 Top Secret emails (found so far),” Goodman concludes.

While some have criticized Bernie Sanders for not going after Clinton’s email server hard enough, his decision to forgo that bit of low-hanging fruit and focus instead on the issues could be enough to change the minds of superdelegates as November draws closer and the FBI investigation develops.

If that happens and he continues to perform well among the 1,159 delegates still available, then he could very well win the nomination either in a traditional or contested convention.

With Donald Trump all but coronated as the Republican nominee, Bernie Sanders might be the best answer that Democrats have should the pressure on Clinton continue to build.

But what do you think, readers?

Does Bernie Sanders still have a shot or is Goodman just dreaming at this point? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Bernie Sanders via Flickr Creative Commons/Phil Roeder]