19 arrested over Canary bird fighting ring…yes, Canaries

Connecticut police have arrested 19 people in connection with a canary bird fighting operation.

Over 100 canaries were seized from a home in Shelton as the 19 were preparing to the birds to fight Sunday reports Fox. Apparently Canaries can become aggressive and fight each other, particularly during breeding season

We’ve tried to do some background on Canary fighting because lets face it, you don’t really expect to hear of Canary fighting rings, however there’s not a lot of history on it available on Google. One site on Canary breading did note however that they are prone to fight:

Fighting is a common problem when trying to breed canaries. Males can sometimes be aggressive with the female. The female can sometimes be severely injured by the male. Therefore, make sure you keep an eye on things and separate the two if you have to. You can help prevent fighting by keeping the two birds in adjacent cages until they get used to each other.

But even still: Canary fighting as a sport. Serious levels of WTF.