‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Aiden Explains, Hope Panics, And The Viral Outbreak Claims Its First Victim

What can fans expect next week on Days of Our Lives? Spoilers indicate that there are wild times ahead as Hope tries to wrap her head around the shocking return she just faced. Aiden is suddenly alive and standing in her living room, and viewers are dying to see where things head from here during the week of May 9.

There has been talk for several months now that Daniel Cosgrove would be reprising the role of Aiden, and now the adventure begins. This is no ghost or hallucination, however, and it sounds as if Aiden may be around for a while. Days of Our Lives spoilers from Serial Scoop detail that Hope will draw her gun and arrest Aiden as he tries to explain how he is still alive.

Viewers will quickly hear quite a bit from Aiden about what happened over the last six months, and this should be quite the tale. Days of Our Lives spoiler buzz has been that the man will really be Aiden, but the man who attacked Hope on their wedding night will turn out to have been an imposter sent in by Andre.

It seems that Hope will be pretty skeptical of this story, and she will take him to the police station and get a DNA test done. Interestingly, Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 16 tease that Aiden and Andre will connect and make a deal with one another. Andre apparently says that he will back up Aiden’s story if Aiden helps him get out of jail. So, viewers wonder, how much of what Aiden tells Hope will be true and how much will be fabricated?

This past week, fans watched as Paul started feeling ill and little Arianna got sick as well. It looks like Gabi will be sick, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that soon the hospital will be flooded with patients experiencing the same symptoms. From the sounds of things, many core characters will contract this virus in the episodes ahead.


Someone dies from this outbreak during Wednesday’s show, and it is said that this death will impact many in Salem. Are they killing off Paul or could little Ari be the fatality? While killing Paul certainly would leave John grieving, killing Ari would leave many broken hearts scattered throughout town. Would the show really go that far? It seems that this viral outbreak is tied to what John’s father did when he had the two men held in captivity and this situation will cause a lot of chaos and heartbreak throughout Salem.

Joey and Jade have taken off for California, and they will arrive at her Aunt’s house later in the week. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Steve will become worried that Joey may have run away when he can’t find a jacket, and some wonder if this disappearance may help bring Steve and Kayla back together again.

Eduardo and Adriana will grow a bit closer to one another in the coming week, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Ciara will talk with Claire about some reservations she is having regarding her relationship with Theo. There is a close moment ahead between Deimos and Nicole, but Kate walks in and that will surely set the stage for more drama between Kate and Nicole.


Viewers will see a bit more of Abigail and Chad during the coming week as well. She is struggling a great deal in her recovery, and Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she will tell Chad that it is too hard to see him or Thomas right now. She will tell him that they need to stop visiting her for now and this will leave Chad heartbroken. Is this the last that everybody will see of Kate Mansi in the role?

It is clear that there are plenty of twists and turns on the way that fans will not want to miss. What’s the truth about Aiden’s return? How will Chad manage without Abigail? Who will perish as this viral outbreak spreads throughout Salem? Things are going to be getting wild and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action ahead on Days of Our Lives.

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