‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Thomas Reacts Wildly To The Baby News, Quinn Asks Steffy For Help, And A Hostile Takeover Attempt Is On The Horizon

The truth is finally out about Thomas being Douglas’ biological father, and The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of May 9 detail that things are about to get even crazier. Ridge came clean after lying to his son for months, and teasers indicate that the reaction his son has may be a rather unexpected one. What can fans expect?

Caroline accidentally told Katie that Thomas is Douglas’ biological father, and it did not take long before Katie confronted Ridge for lying to her. Caroline was frozen in panic, and Ridge pulled his son into his office to confront him about having slept with Caroline, and to tell him that things like that have consequences. It took a moment, but Thomas realized that he is Douglas’ biological father.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews tease that Thomas is going to react quite strongly to this news, as he is seen driving away with Douglas in a car seat in the back. He notes that the baby is his son, not Ridge’s, and viewers will see Caroline back at the office in a panic when she can’t find the baby. How far will Thomas really go with this?

Katie was the catalyst for this ugly truth finally emerging, but she’s not done causing trouble yet. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via Soap Central, detail that she will be spiraling out of control yet again, and this could drive an unfixable wedge between her and Bill that could spark a vicious custody battle over Will. In addition, Rick and Katie will decide to work together to push Ridge out at Forrester Creations in what will be a truly hostile takeover if they manage to make it happen.


Liam had a difficult talk with Bill about the Quinn situation, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that there is plenty more action with Quinn in the week ahead. Quinn and Steffy will face off and this will surely be intense. Quinn will be asking Steffy for help, and most would imagine that the reaction will be something worth watching.

Wyatt is desperate for Liam to move on without Steffy, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Liam simply can’t let go. He will be pleading with Steffy yet again, but previews tease that Bill seemingly nudges her to remain committed to her current husband. There is another confrontation between Quinn and Liam on the way, but this one may not go as most would expect.


Nicole’s baby is about to arrive, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that this comes with some surprises. The Avant family will come together to welcome the new baby, and Zende will be in the picture as well. According to TV Insider, the bulk of the baby action begins on May 17, and before Nicole and Zende can even bask in the delight of their reunion, they learn that Sasha is pregnant.

How far will Thomas go to ensure he gets to be a part of his son’s life? What comes next for Caroline and Ridge now that the truth has emerged? Will Steffy stay with Wyatt, and could Liam actually give Quinn another chance as some speculate may happen? There is plenty of drama ahead on The Bold and the Beautiful during the week of May 9, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.


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