NFL Rumors: Danny Amendola Takes Pay Cut, Avoids Release From New England Patriots

NFL rumors are swirling around Danny Amendola. Many were under the impression that he was going to be released from the New England Patriots. Given that the team has so many options at wide receiver and tight end, Amendola knew that he had to do something to increase his job security. According to NBC Sports, the veteran has decided to take a pay cut so that he can remain with the Patriots for at least two more seasons.

Danny Amendola left a decent amount of money on the table. Initially, he was scheduled to receive $5 million for the upcoming season. In 2017, Amendola was to receive $6 million. That seems a bit much for the New England Patriots, especially since they are well adept at finding cheaper options. Now, Amendola is going to receive $7.35 million over the next two seasons, which makes him much more appealing to Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick Bill Belichick [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]Since he also took a pay cut last year, Danny Amendola is earning a reputation as one of the least selfish players in the NFL. He’s a gifted wide receiver, who could easily sign a contract with another team for more money. Rather than doing that, though, Amendola is focused more on winning and trying to get to the Super Bowl. He knows that the New England Patriots offer him the best chance at doing that.

The New England Patriots are getting deeper and deeper at the wide receiver position. Bill Belichick knows that he needs more weapons on offense if he wants to get back to the Super Bowl. Julian Edelman is the key wide receiver. Chris Hogan, Nate Washington, and Malcolm Mitchell have been added to the roster. When you have a quarterback as good as Tom Brady, your wide receivers perform a little bit better because the ball is thrown to them at just the right places.

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman Julian Edelman [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]One of the biggest reasons why the New England Patriots wanted to keep Danny Amendola around was because he does double duty. He’s not just a wide receiver for the team. Amendola is also a force on special teams for the Patriots. It’s rare to find veterans in the NFL that are willing to play on the third unit. Danny embraces that role because it enables him to see more time on the field.

Now that he is signed to a two-year deal, the New England Patriots will start figuring out ways to utilize Danny Amendola even more. During his stint with the team, he has mostly been used as a slot receiver. He’ll still be utilized there because he’s so good at finding open pockets in zone coverage. Bill Belichick, however, will find other spots to put Amendola in because of the new players that were brought in.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady Tom Brady [Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]The New England Patriots might have altered their draft strategy a bit had they known that Danny Amendola was willing to take a pay cut. Management spent a fourth- and seventh-round draft choice on wide receivers. Georgia Bulldogs star Malcolm Mitchell and Arizona State Sun Devils star Devin Lucien were selected. The team was hoping that one of those two guys could replace Amendola if they were forced to release him.

NFL stars have a reputation of being greedy, just like professional athletes from other sports. However, there are instances where they prove people wrong. Danny Amendola is one of those guys. He’s showing that he cares more about winning championships than making a ton of money. Amendola is still going to be well off financially, but he now gets to compete and be happy for the next couple of years.

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