Jennifer Aniston’s Career In Crisis? ‘Mother’s Day’ Takes Its Toll On Star’s Success?

Unfortunately, Jennifer Aniston’s most recent effort at the box office has resulted in a major flop and rumors are swirling that Aniston’s career in entertainment really can’t afford another bomb on her record. Radar Online makes note of the fact that the actress has been a part of the all-star cast that was involved in the film Mother’s Day, which is receiving terrible reviews across the board. The publication seems to suggest that Jennifer is in trouble and justifies this by stating that the beauty hasn’t experienced success with a film in which she stars since her work in Cake.

Reviews are shared via the tabloid site, one of which includes a cutting take on the film by USA Today.

“Unless your mom has an extremely low bar for movie satisfaction, it’s best to do her a favor and skip a date for Mother’s Day.”

The Los Angeles Times‘ review is also quoted by the site in regards to the film starring Aniston and a number of other A-listers.

“From awkward start to merciful finish, ‘Mother’s Day’ is a grim, listless affair.”

A final shared review comes by way of Variety.

“Atrociously written, begrudgingly acted.”

The publication gives reason for their worry about Aniston’s career.

“Jennifer Aniston was at her peak when she received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in Cake. But the actress’s career has taken a nosedive, as her latest film has not been well received by critics!”

However, Gossip Cop is on top of rumor debunking duty, as usual, and gets real about the star’s success reminding that one recent flop at the box office does not spell disaster for Aniston, who has become the queen of romantic comedies and who has also given some wonderful dramatic performances that have demonstrated her wide range of abilities on screen.

Gossip Cop describes the accurate state of Jennifer Aniston’s career and reminds that it is far from troubled.

“There is no ‘nosedive’ because one movie, which was filled with other A-listers, isn’t succeeding. If that was the case, surely the careers of Mother’s Day co-stars Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis would be in ‘crisis,’ too. But RadarOnline doesn’t have a story about any of them.”

GC rightly notes that the webloid simply wants to make Aniston look bad seeing as the beauty is generally a popular target for false stories and tabloid reports. There is no evidence that the bomb at the box office for Mother’s Day has impacted Aniston’s career in the slightest.

Radar Online finishes the far-fetched story by asking readers if they believe that Aniston’s career “can be revived.” The clear response is that it does not need revival because it never experienced a need for resuscitation. The film that is in question did indeed receive horrible reviews and is the third film of the holiday genre by director Garry Marshall, who experienced similar box office responses with previous films New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

Jennifer Aniston, however, has shared that she is only keen on taking on roles that she truly is drawn to. The Friends star is adamant that she will not leave her Bel Air estate and lovely home life with hubby Justin Theroux, along with their slew of pets, to work on a set that she is not absolutely thrilled about being on. Aniston made this known in a candid interview with Harper’s Bazaar earlier this year.

“I really have to love something to be leaving my home, my dogs, my husband. The older you get, the more you realize that.”

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