Hillary Clinton Starts Coughing Again At Campaign Rally [Video]

Robert Jonathan

Hillary Clinton yesterday had yet another coughing spell on the campaign trail.

Past coughing episodes have raised questions in the minds of some about the status of the Democratic presidential front-runner's health.

"I am proud to be campaigning in California, and I am proud to have the support of so many unions, including the United Farmworkers," Hillary Clinton said at the rally in between coughs.

"Clinton then started coughing repeatedly, as the crowd chanted her name in solidarity," the Washington Free Beacon reported.

See clip embedded below.

Non-stop campaigning across America and lots of time spent traveling by plane (even on a private jet) can undermine the health of any candidate to be sure, regardless of age. Clinton also has a tendency to shout into the microphone, which likely is rough on the vocal cords.

Late last month, Clinton started coughing during a radio interview on The Breakfast Club on hip-hop FM station Power 105.1 WWPR in New York City. This is apparently the same interview in which Clinton claimed she always carries a bottle of hot sauce with her (which Twitter denounced as a form of pandering for votes). At the time, she attributed her discomfort to allergies.

While campaigning in Ohio prior to that state's primary, she had a coughing fit mid-speech on March 12.

Hillary Clinton had another coughing fit on March 6, during the nationally televised debate against her rival for the nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders, in Flint, Michigan

She suffered through a similar coughing attack on January 25, during a speech in the run-up to the Iowa Caucus.

"Clinton had a similar moment during her lengthy Benghazi Select Committee testimony in October, briefly halting the proceeding when she began coughing almost uncontrollably and needed a cough drop," the Washington Free Beacon separately recalled following the Iowa incident.

In July 2015, the Clinton campaign released general medical information pronouncing the candidate sufficiently healthy to serve as president, and that also indicated that she is taking medicine for an underactive thyroid as well as another prescription for blood clots following a concussion suffered in December 2012.

Author Ed Klein, a controversial Clinton foe who made uncorroborated allegations about the former Secretary of State's health in a recent book, doubled down in a Townhall column last week.

"In the absence of hard facts, here's what we know: Hillary takes a medicine-cabinet full of drugs to prevent blood clots and fainting spells and to treat a thyroid condition. Some of those drugs are known to cause chronic coughing...At Bill Clinton's urging, Hillary now travels with a full-time physician, who keeps her under constant observation."

In a column posted yesterday, Paglia described Clinton as "a flawed candidate from the get-go," and further opined on the health issue.

"...A side note in the Andrea Mitchell interview [on MSNBC] was the inadvertent revelation about Hillary's health. She was wearing a conveniently high mandarin collar, but check out the moment when she mentions Vladimir Putin: one can clearly see an unmistakable lump bulging from the left side of her neck. Whether it is a goiter or some other growth should surely be of legitimate public concern in a presidential candidate. But as a friend tartly wrote to me this week, 'Of course not one reporter out of the thousand working reporters in America will dare to ask.'"

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP]

[Added: Reacting to the above-referenced Hillary Clinton "hot sauce" comment, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a vocal Obama/Clinton critic, insisted (see video below) that "I'm surprised she didn't say watermelon—just go all the way. This stuff is dehumanizing, it's embarrassing, it's disgusting, and if any other candidate were to say something like that, some stereotype about black people, [it] would derail their campaign. But the rules seem to be different for the Clintons…"].