Plants Vs. Zombies Sequel Is Finally Getting Released Next Spring

PopCap Games’ Plants vs. Zombies is one seriously addictive video game. Although you wouldn’t immediately associate endless fun with a game involving the use of plants to prevent a zombie invasion, it’s actually an absolute blast to play. However, fans have been curious as to when, precisely, the developers were plotting to unleash a sequel upon the zombie-obsessed masses. Thankfully, it would seem a time frame has finally been set for the follow-up.

According to Kotaku, PopCap Games will issue Plants vs. Zombies 2 sometime next spring. This, of course, is very good news for folks who have dumped countless hours into protecting their home from the undead using a host of uncommon household plants. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of details available at the moment, though this will surely correct itself once a proper release date has been set.

Presently, all that’s known for sure is that the forthcoming sequel will have new features, new scenarios, and new settings, though, to be fair, this is something that all follow-ups should strive to provide. After all, nobody wants to play a sequel if they’re just going to be doing the same stuff all over again.

Earlier this month, rumors began to surface regarding a Plants vs. Zombie title that was being designed exclusively for consoles. However, unlike the original entry, this particular endeavor wouldn’t be a simple defense title. Kotaku reports that the experience is being described as “cartoony, mechanically-novel and possibly multiplayer-oriented 3D action game for consoles.” The project is still in the very early stages of development, so there’s always the possibility that this title won’t ever see the proverbial light of day.

If you need a fresh injection of Plants vs. Zombies-related madness, you can always download the company’s Talking Zombatar, which is essentially a virtual pet game. For hardcore PvZ fans, I doubt this is going to do the trick.

Are you excited about playing a Plants vs. Zombies sequel?