WWE News: Two Talents Released Today Have Already Been Announced For Another Wrestling Promotion

Friday ended up being the last day in WWE for a number of longtime superstars, and a few shocking names were on the final list of released talent. When all was said and done, stars such as Wade Barrett, Santino Marella, Cameron, and even Damien Sandow were left without a job. The future of most of these talents isn’t yet known, but two of them have already found one gig with another promotion for next month.

By 1:30 p.m. Eastern, WWE.com had announced the release of eight total superstars, and most of them had come from the main roster. Most of the talents had not been seen in months and hadn’t been used in quite some time. Those talents are:

  • Hornswoggle
  • Santino Marella
  • Damien Sandow
  • Alex Riley – NXT
  • Cameron – NXT
  • Wade Barrett
  • Zeb Colter
  • El Torito

Well, it’s been only about three hours and a couple of talents have already found their first post-WWE job, and it’s with another wrestling promotion. Zeb Colter (Dutch Mantel), who was last seen on WWE television with Alberto Del Rio, will be appearing at an event for Global Force Wrestling in June.

Hornswoggle, who has really not been used much by WWE in years, will now be going by the name of “Swoggle,” according to WrestleZone. He has also signed on for the event in June that is being put on by Global Force Wrestling and Wrestle Pro.

It’s not known if Zeb Colter and Hornswoggle will end up working more events for GFW or if this is the only one they will do for Jeff Jarrett’s promotion. As time goes on, they could appear for them again or may find work on the independent scene or even with TNA or Ring of Honor.

wwe news hornswoggle zeb colter global force wrestling released talent wade barrett damien sandow [Image via WWE]Wade Barrett’s contract was set to be up in June of this year, and it was known that he did not re-sign with WWE. He let it be known on his Twitter account that he had worked out a deal with management and he was able to be released a few weeks early.

Wade Barrett, aka Stu Bennett, did say that he will be taking a break from wrestling for a while and looking to “expand my horizons.” He did say that he would end up returning to the ring in time, but only “when the time is right.”

A couple of other released WWE talents did take to Twitter to express their feelings on the situation as well. El Torito hadn’t been on WWE television in months, but he did still thank the fans and show his gratitude for the opportunities he had received.

Santino Marella had retired from in-ring competition some time ago, but he had still done other work within WWE. Marella was still a very popular character who served as a WWE ambassador at times and did backstage jobs.

Other names like Alex Riley and Damien Sandow have not yet said anything, and it’s not known what they will do.

Hownswoggle (Swoggle) and Zeb Colter have already found work elsewhere, and it’s very likely that they will continue to do so. The other talents released from WWE on Friday may end up in TNA or Global Force Wrestling or Ring of Honor or working the independent scene. Some, like Wade Barrett, may just take time to do other things and move on from the ring. Whatever happens, there are options for the superstars and doors are likely open.

[Image via WWE]