Rapper Juvenile Arrested At Miami Hotel

When your stage name is Juvenile, is getting in trouble at a Miami hotel really a big deal? Apparently the Miami Beach Police are none too pleased with the rapper’s behavior, which ultimately resulted in his arrest Sunday night. The musician was apprehended at Fontainebleau Hotel following at incident at the LIV nightclub, according to The Miami Herald. As a result of his actions, the rapper will now face charges of disorderly conduct. At least no one can accuse him of not living up to his moniker.

Juvenile, who is known to his mother as Terius Gray, was allegedly involved in a large fight at the aforementioned club, an event which soon spilled out onto the city streets. As the crowd continued to shove, push, and yell, the rapper was scene heading towards his car. Although his intentions were to flee the scene before police arrived, he was arrested before making a clean getaway.

The rapper, who is probably best known around the planet as the man responsible for releasing the tune Back That Azz Up, isn’t an amateur when it comes to getting into trouble with authorities. According to ABC News, Gray was arrested outside of a Miami comedy club after he broke a bottle over another man’s head in March of 2011. When everything was said and done, Juvenile was facing down charges of aggravated battery with a bottle, battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest without violence.

“As we were told, [Ange] dissed him,” Miami police spokesman Delrish Moss told the AP at the time. “The entire fight was about disrespect shown to the rap artist.”

The New Orleans-born rapper released his first album Being Myself in 1995, though he wouldn’t achieve mainstream success until the 1998 effort 400 Degreez. Since then, Juvenile has released seven official studio albums including the 2012 album Rejuvenation.