Snooki And Jwoww’s New Neighbors Are Allegedly Fearful of ‘Jersey Shore’ Style Antics

Manchester, NJ – Snooki and Jwoww’s new neighbors are allegedly fearful that Jersey Shore style antics will negatively impact the neighborhood. The Snooki and JWOWW reality show reportedly had a difficult time finding a location to shoot Season Two of the Jersey Shore spinoff. According to TMZ, some of Jwoww and Snooki’s new neighbor’s called the Manchester municipal leaders to complain, but the decision to allow 495 Productions to film in the residential suburb had already been signed by Mayor Michael Fressola, according to The Celebrity Cafe.

TMZ also reports that Snooki and Jwoww’s neighbors were told that 495 Productions staffers would go door-to-door and discuss the upcoming Jersey Shore spinoff filming, but some complaining neighbors maintain such conversations did not occur. Film crews setting up equipment on Snooki and Jwoww’s lawn was reportedly the first time some neighbors learned of the pending reality show taping. Oddly enough, Manchester Township is the location of the Hindenburg disaster, which occurred in 1937.

Unhappy Manchester residents are not taking the Snooki and Jwoww Jersey Shore spinoff filming on Johnson Avenue lightly and recently shared their thoughts with The Daily Record:

“I’m so disappointed in my hometown. Pretty sure they aren’t welcomed in the local bars. I’d love to see them try.” – Jane Warren

“Let’s see how may idiots make their pilgrimage to see the MTV morons’ new house. The neighbors must be ecstatic! When it comes time for them to move out, this house will have to be demolished.” – Michael Schiffel

Mayor Michael Fressola noted his amazement at resident reactions to the Snooki and JWOWW reality show filming in an open letter to the Manchester Patch. Fressola stated he thought he had thoroughly explained the pending 495 Productions Jersey Shore spinoff filming during an interview with the Asbury Park Press. The Manchester leader also maintains the town does not have an ordinance in place to prevent a homeowner from renting out a property for television filming purposes.