Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight:’ Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso Discusses New Series, Moon Knight May Appear In Marvel Civil War II, And Netflix Future?

Marvel’s all new, all different Moon Knight has been receiving rave reviews from long-time fans and newcomers alike. Marvel’s newest Moon Knight series is headed in a new direction, and it appears to be heading for an ongoing series, as the Inquisitr suggested in April. Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso is psyched, to say the least, about the new Moon Knight series, and he feels its one of the best takes on the Marvel character, according to Comic Book Resources.

“‘Moon Knight’ #1 is the best thing that Jeff’s written for us — well, at least, it’s my personal favorite. Jeff pitched a deep-dive into one the main things that sets Marc Spector apart from everyone else — his fractured psyche. That’s an aspect of the character that other writers have explored, of course, but Jeff has something different planned. I can’t say more, at risk of giving away too much, but I will say this series has got the vibe of one of my favorite horror movies, ‘Session 9.’ And [artist] Greg Smallwood and [colorist] Jordie Bellaire are absolutely amazing. Greg is such an incredible storyteller — one of my personal favorite artists — and he’s the perfect artist for this particular story. And Jordie — well, her palette just takes everything up a notch: the sense of dread, the claustrophobia, the characters that are just… off.”

Moon Knight and Spider-man
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Moon Knight’s fractured psyche has certainly been especially splintered since Charlie Huston’s run in 2006, in which Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso had also spoke highly of the decision to make him particularly crazy.

Marvel is going to bring a Civil War II to its comic book universe this year, and Comic Book Resources suggests that the protector of night travelers, Moon Knight himself, will play a role.

Moon Knight was thought to potentially have a role in Captain America: Civil War because Moon Knight was involved in the Marvel comic book series Civil War, but alas, it was not meant to be. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe may not be the place for ol’ Moonie, but Marvel’s Netflix Universe is shaping up to have all the right pieces in place.

Moon Knight has teamed up with the likes of Daredevil and The Punisher in the comic book universe, and he was also a member of The Defenders aka one of the next additions to the Marvel Netflix Universe.

Daredevil in season 1
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Considering Marvel’s decision to make their Netflix universe all gritty, noir-y, and street-level, Moon Knight would fit perfectly in that universe should Marvel indeed decide to include him.

Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso was even asked if there were parallels and similarities between Daredevil, due to some dramatic changes over time to the tone and nature of the character. Marvel’s Alonso agreed.

“He is. There is just something that brings out the best in writers, I think. Doug Moench and Don Perlin created a great jumping off point for later writers like Charlie Huston, who positioned Moon Knight as an insane Dark Knight, to Brian Bendis, who played him as a super hero Don Quixote, to Warren Ellis, who re-positioned him as a guardian of the night, investigating weird shit on the fringes, in the shadows. All fascinating takes.”

Moon Knight fans have been waiting since before Marvel’s Netflix Universe came into play, and just as they wait and wait for comic book series, they are also left waiting for a film or Netflix series. Marvel’s climate is right, and the Netflix characters and series all feel like they are lining up for Moon Knight’s small screen debut or maybe a cinematic debut down the road.

Marvel Moon Knight fans, for now, will have to enjoy the newest series that has an issue #2 that came out this week. Marvel will eventually have to listen when demand is loud, annoying enough, and sales of the comics are up. Keep on keeping on, Moon Knight fans.

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[Image Via Moon Knight Civil War I | Courtesy Of Marvel Comics/Greg Smallwood|Resized,Cropped]