Barack Obama Retirement Plans: President Takes Part In ‘Dave Chappelle’-Type Skit [Video]

Barack Obama’s video gets a lot of laughs. Obama’s “retirement plans” parody almost resembles a Dave Chappelle skit. It seems that Mr. President has quite the sense of humor.

As you know, Barack Obama’s second term is coming to an end this year. For the last eight years, Obama’s presidency has undergone several speculative allegations and criticisms. And, now, President Barack Obama has to wonder what life will be like with his present fame but without the Oval Office headship. Since Barack Obama and his family plan to stick around Washington, D.C., he wonders what he’ll do in his retirement — well, at least in the skit, anyway.

The video was played during President Obama’s White House Correspondence Speech, the last of his presidency. Obama mentioned that his decision to “stick around” the D.C. area has presented his family and himself with a dilemma because United States presidents don’t generally remain in the nation’s capital — if they’re not from the location. According to the video, the Obamas will remain in D.C. for two years after President Barack is out of office.

You can watch Mr. President’s video skit below.

President Barack Obama – “Couch Commander”

Obama’s retirement plan video starts with a supposed advisory session with Joe Biden. While President Obama attempts to receive counsel regarding his retirement plans, Biden is a bit distracted with his own appearance. Eventually, after gaining focus, Obama’s driving ability came up. From the retirement advice, Biden mentioned — first — that President Barack Obama would need a driver’s license. So, a DMV trip was next on the list.

Since Barack Obama doesn’t have a license to drive in the D.C. area, he would need to acquire one. However, to acquire one — like everyone else — he would have to present his birth certificate. If you remember, Obama was under speculation about his nationality and place of birth. Several critics proclaimed that Obama wasn’t from the United States, and therefore, should not have been in presidency. However, as presented by the White House, it was proved that Barack Obama is a Hawaiian native by his long-form birth certificate.


As can be seen in the video skit, Obama’s retirement plan also included continual public convincing that he’s an American. At the DMV, the receptionist questioned if President Obama’s birth credentials were authentic. To this, Obama replied in exhaustion, “It’s real…it’s real.”


In essence, Barack Obama’s “retirement plan” video captured a day in the life of a president without a full, hectic schedule. During a president’s term, the national leader is always on the move and making appearances — not to mention actually running the country from his executive position. “Busy” is usually a total understatement. So, similar to a workaholic on his or her day off, Mr. President seemingly doesn’t know what to do with himself and is trying to pass the time.

In the skit, Barack Obama also put First Lady Michelle Obama under the public microscope when he posted a video to her Snapchat account. However, as you know, Snapchat offers several video and photo filters to entertain its users. Well, Obama used a somewhat-frightening filter as he promoted Obamacare. Imagine a malicious, supernatural entity saying, “Obamacare is great! And, it’s really working! Sign up now.” That was supposedly the image which all Michelle Obama’s followers encountered via the skit.

Barack Obama Snapchat Barack Obama on First Lady Michelle’s Snapchat, right before the filter fully kicked in. [Image via YouTube]After Michelle Obama snatched her phone back into possession, Obama candidly asked, “Did it get a lot of views?” To this, the First Lady walked away. So, Barack Obama called up former Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner.


Basically, Boehner told Obama that he has nothing to worry about. Essentially, the former speaker mentioned that Barack Obama has plenty of time to sort out his retirement plan. In the meantime, Obama should just focus on enjoying the rest of his presidency, says Boehner.

In real news, according to The Atlantic, the former speaker referred to 2016 former presidential candidate Ted Cruz as “Lucifer in the flesh.”

All in all, what do you think about President Barack Obama’s retirement plan video skit? Hilarious or not? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images News]