‘Where’s My Baby?’ AKA ‘Cradle Of Lies’ On Lifetime Movie Network This Sunday, Starring Nicole de Boer

Where’s My Baby? is a new movie thriller from Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) about a woman who wakes up from a coma, believing that her baby was snatched from her womb after giving birth. Where’s My Baby, which is also known by the title Cradle Of Lies, is directed by David Winning and written by Shevon Singh, Karen Hanna, and Devi Singh. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Where’s My Baby? stars Lochlyn Munro as Cal Ward, Gina Holden as Heather Ward, Nicole de Boer as Marissa Davis, Dan Payne as Peter Vaughn, Karin Konoval as Cynthia, Jason Cermak as Ethan Fox, Iris Quinn as Rose Davis, Jacob Richter as Jake, James Kidnie as Dr. Novak, Hannah Longworth as Abbie Davis, Richard Keats as Dr. Lapointe, and Arpad Balogh as Detective MacNeil.

Lifetime Movie—Where’s My Baby? AKA Cradle Of Lies Synopsis

When Marissa Davis suddenly wakes up from a coma after six years, everything around her is unfamiliar. Her doctor reassures her that everything will be fine, but she must take it slow and try not to remember everything at once. As Marissa settles in memories of a car accident come flooding back in bits and pieces. First, she recalls being hit by an oncoming vehicle and then crawling out of the car. Her terrifying memories become even clearer after she discovers a strange mark on her abdomen, which may indicate that she has given birth to a child.

Convinced that her best friend, Heather, knows more than she is telling, Marissa starts to launch her own investigation, which leads to a politician from her past who is now running for state senator. Now, it is apparent that someone intentionally tried to kill her. Is this all just a fantasy caused by Marissa’s desperate attempt to remember too soon, or is she still the target of a foiled murder plot, which could lead to a second attempt on her life?

Is Where’s My Baby? Based On A True Story?
The movie was not advertised as a true-story movie. However, here are a few similar true stories.

  • In 2015, 28-year-old Colvina Jolin of Horndean, Hampshire, woke up from a coma and found out that she had given birth to a premature baby weeks earlier. According to the Daily Mail, Colvina blacked out at her home after a sudden headache. Doctors later determined that Colvina had suffered a brain hemorrhage.
  • In 2014, 36-year-old Jenny Quiles was hit by a truck in Florida while on her way to a doctor’s appointment. When she saw the truck as it was about to strike her, she covered her tummy in an attempt to protect her baby. Doctors say she fell into a coma and then gave birth to the baby after she emerged from her coma.
  • In 2015, Sharista Giles of Sweetwater, Tennessee, was involved in a car accident that left her in a coma when she was four months pregnant. After waking up months later, she found that she had given birth to a baby, according to ABC News.

Where’s My Baby? is also similar to the 2008 Lifetime movie Little Girl Lost, a true story about a mother who was told her infant died in a fire. However, six years later, the woman discovered that her daughter had been abducted by a distant family member.

Released in Spain under the title Mentiras del Pasado (Lies Of The Past), Where’s My Baby? was filmed in Canada and produced by Co-Pilot Film Services and Odyssey Media. Pierre Andre Rochat, Keith Shaw, Kirk Shaw, and Devi Singh executive produced the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) film. Where’s My Baby? airs on Sunday, May 8, at 7 p.m. central on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN).

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