‘Marriage Contract’ Lead Stars UEE And Lee Seo Jin Still Flooded With Relationship Rumors After K-Drama Concludes

Earlier this year, the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) aired a series that utilized a plot point that hasn’t been successful in K-dramas since Goong aired back in 2006. This K-drama was titled Marriage Contract and it earned an average of 20 percent for its viewership ratings for TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielsen, both Seoul National Capital Area and nationwide. The success Marriage Contract garnered was well-deserved though as its interesting plot, solid direction, and strong production were some of its highlights.

However, it is the acting and chemistry the main leads UEE and Lee Seo Jin had that truly made this K-drama a diamond in the rough. It was just so good, so organic, that almost two week after Marriage Contract concluded, many K-drama fans are still talking about UEE and Lee Seo Jin being in a relationship in real life.

It should be noted that the relationship between UEE and Lee Seo Jin have been the biggest topic of discussion among Korean entertainment media throughout Marriage Contract‘s airing. However, interest increased tenfold after the K-drama concluded. As a matter of fact, UEE has made it known that the questions she gets asked the most are about her views and opinions about her castmate, the male lead Seo Jin, as reported by Soompi.

“I’ve been getting more questions about Lee Seo Jin than myself, like, ‘Is he handsome?’ ‘Are you two really dating?'”

UEE even revealed during her interview that she would become “lost in her role” or “emotionally vested” with the character she played. This was actually an issue for the director who constantly told UEE not to.

“I couldn’t control my emotions sometimes, and I would cry when I wasn’t supposed to. I’d get teary when I looked at Eun Sung, and I’d feel that way when I looked at [Lee Seo Jin], too, so the director would tell me not to get too lost in the role.”

The aforementioned situations UEE suffered through is an example of the excellent chemistry both she and Lee Seo Jin had on set. They were so compatible which caused a flurry of relationship rumors to go unchecked. Numerous times, UEE had to say the only person she would be emotionally vested in would be Shin Rin Ah, the young child actress who played Kang Hye So’s daughter, Cha Eun Sung.

UEE and Lee Seo Jin's characters pose to take fake wedding pictures in "Marriage Contract." UEE and Lee Seo Jin’s characters pose to take fake wedding pictures in “Marriage Contract.” [Image via Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Promotions of “Marriage Contract”]Eventually, both UEE and Lee Seo Jin put all the relationship rumors to rest when they broke the news they were dating other people, as reported by AllKpop. This surely broke the hearts of those who were hoping something romantic would happen between the two Hallyu stars, but they had to make their personal lives known before it went too far. The announcement was made on May 3, which by happenstance is the same day Seo Jin was interviewed by another Korean news outlet about his awareness of UEE’s boyfriend. Apparently, Lee Seo Jin did not know, but he showed empathy towards the matter backing it to professionalism.

“I’ve talked with UEE yesterday too, but did not know at all. I understand though. I don’t think I would’ve told UEE if I was in the same situation as her. Marriage Contract is now ended. It was just a contract after all.”

Because Marriage Contract concluded last month, it is no longer available for viewing on Korean television. However, the entire series can be viewed for free, with ads, on both DramaFever and Viki depending on your region.

[Image via Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Promotions of Marriage Contract]